Would professional Calibration fix this? (Sony 36" XBR450)

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    Jan 10, 2001
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    I've had my Sony 36" XBR450 for over a year, and I love it. I've calibrated it to the best of my ability with Avia, and I'm very happy with the picure.

    There are a couple of problems, though. When using a calibration disc, like Avia, VE, or Sound & Vision's latest offering, I notice that when I put on a test pattern containing lines, the TV seems to cut off 1/4th of an inch on the left side. Also, the image is appears to be tilted very slightly, and no amount of adjustment of the "tilt correction" in the menu seems to fix it.

    Is this something a calibration expert can fix by tweaking things in the service menu? Or do I need to have the set professionally repaired?
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    Oct 26, 2002
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    Perfect geometry on a 36" screen is a challenge. You should use the test patterns, especially the cross-hatch on Avia or Video Essentials to get the best overall geometry you can.
    The adjustments are VLIN, VSIZ, HSIZ, VPOS, HPOS, VANG, TRAP, VBOW (no adjustments for horizontal bowing), UPCN, and LPCN. Use the TILT through the users menu for a straight picture. There is a TILT adjustment in the service menu if the one you normally use has run out of 'range'.
    1) The adjustments should be done with a set that has some time on it, at least a couple of weeks, 200 hrs. preferred.
    2) No adjustments should be done until the set has been on for at least 20-30 minutes.
    3) The adjustments are interactive. Put aside some time to work these back and forth. Making only slight changes at first until you can see what they do. You should go back through the adjustment several times to achieve the best results.
    You should have the Wega service manual for your model. You can order it through Sony. This way you can pencil in the settings you make right in the manual on the adjustment chart.
    It also tells how to get into the service menu if you don't already know.
    Good luck! I was able to achieve considerable improvement in the overall picture. I am very satisfied with the set now.
    Once in the service menu you should also set the following adjustments: YNR, DCT, and ABLM to '0' and AXPL to '1'.
    These will improve the overall picture esp the color. Then do a full calibration with VE or AVIA.

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