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Would appreciate some help, throw out system?? (1 Viewer)


May 12, 2008
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Marcin K
Here it is, I own a Panasonic home theater...bought in north america, I moved to the uk and plugged it in into the outlet through a basic socket adapter....

sorry this is so long but would appreciate your attention

so the standby light came on, i hit the power button, it kinda made a noise, and then nothing, all power out blew i guess you might say, the fuse did at least for sure.... Ok yea I know retarded, I now have a converter, a proper one, works with my North American hd tv plugged in and I spoke to the company that made it and they guarantee the home theater system will work as well...

onto the problem

I plugged the home theater into the power converter...nothing no standby light nothing...So I opened up the back of the sub, where the power plug goes into, there is a fuze, burned out. I replaced it, and now everything works EXCEPT there is no sound, as soon as you power it up the sub and speakers kinda hum, there is video, everything else works but no sound no matter what settings i try to change....

Onto the question, is it my speakers...is there another fuse inside the actual receiver?? Is the whole thing junk now and i need to throw it out?? Its a Pansonic SC-HT730 and I would really like to be able to use it to play music and ntsc dvds...any help would be appreciated...Thanks and sorry for the length

robert bartsch

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May 7, 2008
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robert bartsch
....u need to take this to an electronics repair store or send it back to the manufacturor. I assume the transformer or other power components got fried.

I doubt it is speakers, can you attach another different speaker and test it?

I've traveled extensively through Europe and Asia. Using a voltage converter is always risky IMO. OK for small stuff - alarm clock, but not recommended for anything that will draw a bunch of current like a reciever, I suppose.

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