Who's Got All 45 Twilight Zone DVD's??

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by David Von Pein, Feb 16, 2002.

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    VOL. 7 Dennis Weaver in "Shadow Play". Does television get any better?
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    The Sci-Fi Channel's Web site has a Twilight Zone episode guide that lists them all in order by season. But it doesn't have any info about which DVDs they are on.
    Click Here
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    I can pull a list out of my DVD database that will give you all episodes in episode order and a listing of what DVD they are on. Is that what you want? If so, I'll try to pull it tonight or later this week.

  4. Jeff Bannow

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    Greg ... that's exactly what I'm looking for.

    - Jeff

    P.S. Tom thanks for the link.
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    The following is information provided by RAF in the thread I linked in my earlier post.



    Then Curiosity got the better of this cat so I took some time today (retired people can do that on a moment's notice [​IMG] ) to cross-reference everything in my TZ collection.

    As others have stated, the only two of the 156 episodes missing are

    Episode #36: A World of His Own (1-July-60)
    Episode #40: A Thing About Machines (28-Oct-60)

    For some reason, as was stated, Episode #151, "The Encounter, 1-May-64 appears both on Volume #33 and on the More Treasures of the Twilight Zone DVD. That's it for duplications. And Episode #1: Where is Everybody? 2-Oct-59 Appears on the original Treasures of the Twilight Zone DVD, although its episode # is not stated. (They do tell you it's the premiere episode, though.)

    And the upcoming Volume #43? [*]Will it only contain the two missing TZ episodes?[*]Will it include the "Desilu" Episode?[*]Will it contain some additional supplementary materials?

    I guess we wait and see.

    BTW, While I agree that it would have made more sense for a chronological release of these episodes there does appear that there were some attempts to organize things. First they were doing "theme" discs (like the one with all the airplane episodes). Later on, they obviously decided to release the 1 hour episodes from 1963 on discs that also contained 2 shorter episodes for other seasons. And the later volumes do try to tie thing up with a little bit of numerical order where possible.

    If you are curious about where some of this fits I'm including the data below. Sorry about the formatting but this BBS is not too friendly with spreadsheet imports. But I think you can make out the patterns. From left to right:[*]The Episode Number[*]The Original Air Date[*]The Volume # of the DVD the episode is on (or "Treasures" or "More Treasures)"[*]The Title[*]Notes (if it is a 1 hour episode)

    Episode # Air Date Volume # Title Notes
    1 2-Oct-59TreasuresWhere is Everybody?
    29-Oct-5914One For the Angels
    316-Oct-5912Mr. Denton on Doomsday
    423-Oct-5912The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
    530-Oct-593Walking Distance
    66-Nov-5915Escape Clause
    713-Nov-595The Lonely
    820-Nov-592Time Enough at Last
    927-Nov-597Perchance to Dream
    104-Dec-5913Judgment Night
    1111-Dec-5916And When the Sky Was Opened
    1225-Dec-5917What You Need
    131-Jan-604The Four of Us Are Dying
    148-Jan-608Third From the Sun
    1515-Jan-6018I Shot an Arrow Into the Air
    1622-Jan-607The Hitch-Hiker
    1729-Jan-6011The Fever
    185-Feb-6010The Last Flight
    1912-Feb-6013The Purple Testament
    2126-Feb-6021Mirror Image
    224-Mar-602The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
    2311-Mar-6022A World of Difference
    2418-Mar-6023Long Live Walter Jameson
    2525-Mar-6024People Are Alike All Over
    278-Apr-6026The Big Tall Wish
    2815-Apr-6029A Nice Place to Visit
    2929-Apr-6032Nightmare as a Child
    306-May-6034A Stop at Willoughby
    3113-May-6036The Chaser
    3220-May-604A Passage For Trumpet
    333-Jun-6039Mr. Bevis
    3410-Jun-6011The After Hours
    3517-Jun-6041The Mighty Casey
    361-Jul-60A World of His Own
    3730-Sep-607King Nine Will Not Return
    387-Oct-6014The Man in the Bottle
    3914-Oct-6015Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room
    4028-Oct-60A Thing About Machines
    414-Nov-60More TreasuresThe Howling Man
    4211-Nov-60More TreasuresThe Eye of the Beholder
    4318-Nov-609Nick of Time
    442-Dec-6012The Lateness of the Hour
    459-Dec-6010The Trouble With Templeton
    4616-Dec-6019A Most Unusual Camera
    4723-Dec-601Night of the Meek
    4913-Jan-6122Back There
    5020-Jan-6128The Whole Truth
    5127-Jan-611The Invaders
    523-Feb-6129A Penny For Your Thoughts
    5424-Feb-612The Odyssey of Flight 33
    553-Mar-614Mr. Dingle, The Strong
    5724-Mar-619The Prime Mover
    5831-Mar-615Long Distance Call
    597-Apr-6110A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
    6021-Apr-6136The Rip Van Winkle Caper
    6128-Apr-6139The Silence
    625-May-617Shadow Play
    6312-May-619The Mind and the Matter
    6426-May-6141Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up
    652-Jun-6113The Obsolete Man
    6722-Sep-6114The Arrival
    6829-Sep-618The Shelter
    696-Oct-616The Passerby
    7013-Oct-613A Game of Pool
    7120-Oct-6117The Mirror
    7227-Oct-616The Grave
    733-Nov-619It's a Good Life
    7410-Nov-616Deaths-Head Revisited
    7517-Nov-6115The Midnight Sun
    7624-Nov-6118Still Valley
    771-Dec-6119The Jungle
    7815-Dec-6110Once Upon a Time
    7922-Dec-6121Five Characters in Search of an Exit
    8029-Dec-6113A Quality of Mercy
    815-Jan-621Nothing in the Dark
    8212-Jan-6222One More Pallbearere
    8319-Jan-6223Dead Man's Shoes
    8426-Jan-6225The Hunt
    852-Feb-6226Showdown With Rance McGrew
    869-Feb-623Kick the Can
    8716-Feb-6226A Piano in the House
    8823-Feb-626The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank
    892-Mar-628To Serve Man
    909-Mar-628The Fugitive
    9116-Mar-6229Little Girl Lost
    9223-Mar-6232Person or Persons Unknown
    9330-Mar-6233The Little People
    946-Apr-6235Four O'Clock
    9513-Apr-6237Hocus-Pocus and Frisby
    9620-Apr-6212The Trade-ins
    9727-Apr-6238The Gift
    984-May-6211The Dummy
    9911-May-6238Young Man's Fancy
    10018-May-625I Sing the Body Electric
    10125-May-6240Cavender is Coming
    1021-Jun-6241The Changing of the Guard
    1033-Jan-6316In His Image1 hour episode
    10410-Jan-6320The Thirty-Fathom Grave1 hour episode
    10517-Jan-6324Valley of the Shadow1 hour episode
    10624-Jan-6327He's Alive1 hour episode
    10731-Jan-6328Mute1 hour episode
    1087-Feb-6318Death Ship1 hour episode
    10914-Feb-6330Jess-Belle1 hour episode
    11021-Feb-6331Miniature1 hour episode
    11128-Feb-6332Printer's Devil1 hour episode
    1127-Mar-6333No Time Like the Past1 hour episode
    11314-Mar-6335The Parallel1 hour episode
    11421-Mar-6334I Dream of Genie1 hour episode
    1154-Apr-6336The New Exhibit1 hour episode
    11611-Apr-6337Of Late I Think of Cliffordville1 hour episode
    11718-Apr-6338The Incredible World of Horace Ford1 hour episode
    1182-May-6339On Thursday We Leave For Home1 hour episode
    1199-May-6340Passage on the Lady Anne1 hour episode
    12023-May-6342The Bard1 hour episode
    12127-Sep-6314In Praise of Pip
    12311-Oct-632Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
    12418-Oct-6315A Kind of a Stopwatch
    12525-Oct-6316The Last Night of a Jockey
    1261-Nov-6311Living Doll
    1278-Nov-6317The Old Man in the Cave
    12815-Nov-6319Uncle Simon
    12929-Nov-635Probe 7 - Over and Out
    1306-Dec-6319The 7th is Made up of Phantoms
    131112-13-6320A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain
    13220-Dec-6321Ninety Years Without Slumbering
    13327-Dec-6322Ring-a-ding Girl
    1343-Jan-6423You Drive
    13510-Jan-6423The Long Morrow
    13617-Jan-6425The Self-improvement of Salvadore Ross
    13724-Jan-6425Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
    13831-Jan-6424Black Leather Jackets
    1397-Feb-6426Night Call
    14014-Feb-6427From Agnes - With Love
    14121-Feb-6427Spur of the Moment
    14228-Feb-64TreasuresAn Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge
    1436-Mar-6428Queen of the Nile
    14413-Mar-6417What's in the Box
    14520-Mar-64More TreasuresThe Masks
    14627-Mar-6429I Am the Night - Color Me Black
    1473-Apr-6430Sounds and Sliences
    14810-Apr-6430Caesar and Me
    14917-Apr-6431The Jeopardy Room
    15024-Apr-6431Stopover in a Quiet Town
    1511-May-6433 & TreasuresThe Encounter
    1528-May-6437Mr. Garrity and the Graves
    15315-May-6440The Brain Center at Whipple's
    15422-May-6441Come Wander With Me
    15529-May-6442The Fear
    15619-Jun-6442The Bewitchin' Pool

    (I have much too much time on my hands) [​IMG]

    [Demented Video Dude since 1997]
    [Computer Maven since 1956]
    ["PITA" since 1942]

    My HT (last update 01/01/01)
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    that list will do ... thanks! Now to make my insert ...

    - Jeff
  7. Scott Weinberg

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    My Dad does! Right after he bought his first DVD player, he started a Twilight Zone collection. I remember him asking me where he could purchase individual episodes, and two weeks later he had the full set.
  8. David Von Pein

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  9. Steve Tannehill

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    Steve Tannehill
  10. David Von Pein

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    Kudos Steve! Very nice.

    Where would the world be without IMDB? And Amazon? And Google/Yahoo?

    OK....Try this one on for luck .... What is the name of the little Ohio town in "Nick of Time", another excellent ep.?
  11. Kenneth

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    Another TZ fan here. I was very happy when I purchased the 45th and last disk. My favorite eps:

    "I Sing the Body Electric" - I have always been partial to this Ray Bradbury classic and enjoy this episode immensely.

    "Probe 7, Over and Out" - I find the twist ending on this episode extremely enjoyable.

    "A World of His Own" - My all time favorite episode. I was real worried when Image missed it and had to pick it up on the last volume.

    "Miniature" - I had never seen it before it aired in the TZ special a decade or so back. Robert Duvall is excellent in his role in this fantastic episode.

  12. ScottyKid

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    For anyone wanting to purchase this set all in one shot, I HIGHLY recommend using the following website:
    The price is out of this world, and I received my neatly packaged set in about a week's time. Not to mention that shipping is only $4 for all 45 DVDs. This set also comes with an episode summary showing summaries of each episode as well as what DVD each episode is on.
    Hope this helps someone.
  13. Mike Brantley

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    Got 'em all, plus the aforementioned Serling documentary. My favorite one is "Time Enough at Last." The conclusion is my favorite example of irony.
    It took me forever to get the first 20 or so volumes one at a time. Then when Ken Cranes ran a $9.99 sale last year I picked up the rest all in one massive order. [​IMG]
  14. David Von Pein

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    Just got the "More Treasures..." volume.

    Great interview segment.
  15. Scott_J

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    Let's bring this thread back up. I'm considering starting to collect the TZ DVDs, but I have a few questions first. I know the first 5 volumes are included in a box set, along with a Rod Serling documentary. Is that doc available individually, and is it worth it to buy that set for the doc? I believe I have read previously that those discs are in jewel cases, not keepcases. Is that true? Thanks.
  16. streeter

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    What a nice thread! I can't believe I missed this the first time it came around.
    I only have the first six discs. I'm definitely getting more eventually - especially "To Serve Man" (#8 I believe).
    The TZ #1 I have is even signed by Robert Redford himself [​IMG]
  17. Craig Beam

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    Craig Beam
    Scott --- Yes, the 40th Anniversary set contains jewel cases instead of keepcases. And yes, the Serling doc is available separately.

    It's also worth noting that the first 13 or so volumes (from Panasonic) pale in comparison to the remainder of the collection: The episodes were taken from videotape masters, and it shows. They don't look awful by any means, but the later volumes (for which Image used the original film elements) are graced with much better picture and sound (and lots of cool easter eggs from volume 28 on up).
  18. Carrol Jo

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    I got the whole collection, plus a DVD-specific episode summary guide, from The Twilight Zone Video & DVD Store for just under $520.00 shipped:
    A complete chronological episode guide with plot synopses and partial cast lists can be found at John's Twilight Zone Page:
    I've been slowly working my through this wonderful collection, and am up to disc 11 or so. So many of the episodes are so good, I'd never be able to pick one favorite.
  19. Scott_J

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  20. David Lambert

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    This is funny. My family was just attending a birthday party today out on the north side of town, and as we started to head home we decided to check the Best Buy on that end of town for some stuff we don't usually find.
    Of course, we found some of it. [​IMG]
    In the process, we encountered "Mike", a BB employee who was talking to us about the success of their new TV On DVD section. I mentioned that I do reviews for Gord's site, TVShowsOnDVD. So we talked about that and about his favorite shows, and he turns out to be quite a big fan of The Twilight Zone.
    I thought about these posts, but didn't want to explain the complicated concept of going to HTF and searching for this thread. I told him that the two episodes (36 and 40, though I couldn't recall those episode #'s or names at the time) were still missing from DVD, but I turned out to be wrong of course.
    I hope RAF doesn't mind, or anyone else for that matter, but I set up a link at TVShowsOnDVD.com to go to his cross-reference list post. That link can be found here (I think my explanation is pretty amusing :wink: ).
    Of course, Mike will think I'm nuts, but I was just forgetful. He might show up here on HTF; he was pretty pro-OAR and so I told him about this site, too. I loved his metaphor: "Why would you buy a movie in fullscreen? Would you buy a meal and have the sides cut off of it?" [​IMG] I liked that!

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