Which Paradigm subwoofer to buy?

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    Jan 3, 2001
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    I recently bought the following:

    Paradigm Reference 60's for mains

    Paradigm Reference 20's for surrounds

    Paradigm Reference center channel

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    Due to budget constraints, I am still using my Sony subwoofer but I think it is time for an upgrade. I'm considering the Servo 15 and the PW-2200 from Paradigm. My budget is around $600 US but I could stretch it if the Servo is worth the money. I live across the river from Windsor and have a friend that goes to Toronto every few weeks so my question is what can I expect to pay in Canadian dollars for each of the subwoofers and is the Servo worth paying more for? Just to confuse things, can you recommend any other subwoofers that would complement my system within my allotted budget?


  2. Dustin B

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    Mar 10, 2001
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    I'd be looking at the SVS 20-39PCi ($650USD for a limited time), SVS 20-39CS/S700 ($799USD and only if you think you might be buying a twin for it down the road) or the Adire Dharman ($599USD).

    If you can stretch the budget closer to the Servo15 range then I'd be considering the SVS 20-39CS+/S1000 ($1000USD).

    The drivers in the Dharman and SVS's will be a little more capable than the PW2200's driver. The PW2200 is tuned to 30hz while the Dharman is 22hz and the SVS is 20hz. If you insist on the Paradigm sub then the Servo15 will definately be worth the extra cash. The sealed design and servo feadback circuit will produce cleaner tighter bass that will go considerably deeper. However, unless you can make the trip to Canada, I wouldn't consider the Paradigm as they don't outperform the subs I've mentioned that can be had for less money.

    If purchased in Canada with the current exchange rate I would expect the PW2200 to be in the $500USD range and the Servo 15 to be in the $800-$900 range depending on the deal you can negogiate.

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