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Where can we find some decent quality "Classic TV Commercials on DVD"? (1 Viewer)

Carlos Garcia

Mar 11, 2004
I was wondering if anyone knows of any good DVDs that contain classic TV commercials from the 50s-70s? There are a few that I've seen on ebay and amazon.com but I read where the quality seems to be rather poor. Even though I understand the age of these commercials, isn't there some company that's released some decent quality discs? So many classic commercials I remember as a kid that I'd love to see today, such as: "Mystery Date", The Flintstones for "Winston cigarettes", Crackerjacks with Jack Gilford, Slinky, High Karate cologne, "I am stuck on Band-aid, cause Band-aid's stuck on me (Featuring a young John Travolta), and many many more...I'd love to see them all over again!

David Von Pein

Senior HTF Member
Feb 4, 2002
WWW.MOVIESUNLIMITED.COM is still selling dozens of VHS videos with "Classic Commercials" on them (1950s to 1970s, although they are supposed to stop after the '60s, but they don't). One hour per tape. At the outlandishly-overpriced figure of $19.99 per hour tape. But, if you like old ads, these are good.


> Ronald Reagan pitching "lighting solutions" for your home.

> Jim Davis (Jock Ewing) selling a new '64 Wildcat sports car.

> "Mama-mia! That's-a spicy meatball-a!"

> Vincent Price's ad (as a bank teller) for the game, "Hangman". "I can't play with these interruptions!"

> Marilyn Monroe advertising gas. "Put Royal Triton in Cynthia's tummy!"

> Hear the Nabisco cookie jingle till you want to throw up. (They "theme" a lot of these ads, jamming all of one kind together -- not a good idea, IMO.) :)

> See those sharp new 1959 Chevys, with Pat Boone & Dinah Shore!

> You mentioned "Mystery Date" -- yep, it's in this collection sold at "M.U.". Very first commercial shown on Volume 1, in fact. ... "Will my date be a dream -- or a dud?!" :)

> Find out why "The Whopper" is "the two-fisted burger @ Burger King".

> Ronnie Reagan's back -- this time peddling "Boraxo Hand Soap".

> Watch a lengthy Christmas-time ad featuring Bing Crosby -- all about "gas" (the type to heat your home). :)

> Soupy Sales pops up in two ads for "Gino's" Restaurants.

> Plus some very good "local" Washington, D.C., "Live" ads for "Tops Drive-Inns" (and their delicious "Sirloiner" steak sandwiches) -- plus ads for "The Music Box" (a local Washington record shop).


I have 40 VHS volumes of these commercials -- all of which would easily fit inside one compact 5-Disc DVD boxed set, if some company were so inclined to release them on that preferred format.

Then, I'd have to find a way to unload my $800.00 (!) worth of VHS TV-commercial volumes. Geez, I'm now feeling a tad bit sick seeing that ridiculously-high $ figure staring at me. The ads are nice to have -- but I'm not at all sure they're THAT nice? (:)) That doesn't even count the high S&H charges that Movies-Unlimited assesses, either. :frowning: :)

And just think -- every one of these commercials could fit inside a single DVD set, for probably about $30.00. (Now I do feel ill, thinking of this Digital injustice!)


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