What's your take on all these digital remasters of jazz?

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    I love them. My wife is going to kill me if I bring home one more jazz CD (or any "remastered" CD for that matter)... she can't stand me rebuying the same titles (see my Michael Jackson post)...my all this Jazz sounds so clear and punchy now.. I have done some Miles Davis comparisons with my vinyl press of Cookin' and the JVC (!!damn they're expensive!!) and I must say it's nice.
    My mid to hi fi system has been getting a nice work out over the last couple of years
    Now if WB would just remaster Prince (I have ALL, including the Black Album, his recordings on CD)...I better have a Prince fund in case the day arrives....
    What is your take..is it worth it to repurchase...do they sound better to you?
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    I'm purchasing most of them for the first time and I love them.
    There are a couple DAD's (96/24 PCM DVD-Video) that are worth getting especially: Cannonball Adderly's "Something Else" is fantastic - sounds like Miles is playing in my living room. Also, the John Coltrane "Blue Train" is excellent as far as I've read - I have the remastered audiophile vinyl of that and it's breathtaking.
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