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Alex Sotelo

Sep 28, 2004

New to this board... I am in the planning stages for adding a front projector to my family room and would love some advice.

The room is about 18 X 27. I can achieve some light control but the room is fairly open to the rest of the house so ambient light will be an issue during the day. Fortunately, most movie watching will be at night, with some TV watching during the day... not too picky about contrast and all that jazz for TV watching. I have an extensive DVD collection so this will constitute most of the viewing time. Fortunately, my wife loves warm, deep colors so I can paint the walls pretty dark. Currently the walls are dark tan. I may move to a darker burgundy or even chocolate brown. Ceiling is flat white... that's not changing says the boss.

I am planning on ceiling mounting the projector and also a motorized ceiling mounted screen. The projector I think I am sold on is the Sanyo PLV-Z2. Read all the reviews and post and sounds like a winner in my price range. The screen however, I am not too sure about. It will be mounted at one end of the room (long way). I'm thinking along the lines of 106" screen.
So... what screen would you recommend I get? Keep in mind, I want to keep cost down but not at the expense of image quality. If I can keep it below 1500 bucks, I will feel good. If you need more info, just ask.

Also, if you have any comments regarding my projector choice, please fire away.

Thanks in advance.

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