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    Oct 8, 2001
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    here's my situation... I have a (cheap) KLH subwoofer taking the bass from my fronts, since the original woofers ripped and got replaced with RCA replacement woofs from radio shack. The woofs don't handle bass at all, so I bought a sub to handle their bass. Today,as I was watching TV ( the reciever was OFF) I started hearing a low hum. Then it got louder, and I realized it was my KLH sub. then it started rumbling, so I unplugged the sub, checked the connections, and plugged it back in. Nothing happened for a few minutes, so I thought everything was fine...but it did it again! Since my reciever isn't on, I have no idea what would be causing this. Just out of curiousity, I put in a movie, and the sub worked just fine( meaning it stopped humming and worked correctly) but as soon as I turned off my reciever, it started humming...again. Well, my warranty is void (never buy anything with a ONE YEAR warranty!) So, my first question is why is it doing this, my second question is am I screwed now?(I shoulda bought the Sony!)
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    A component in the amp is failing. This is exactly what happened to my friend's JBL PB10 sub.

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