Using the Denon AVR5700 Receiver

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    1. Does this receiver have an "automatic" 80hz crossover for the sub-connection, and if not, is there a setting on the receiver to engage/limit this level of crossover?

    2. Does this receiver have an tonal control bypass, and if so, how does one engage it?

    3. Am I correct in saying: By engaging a tonal control bypass (or, in other words, dis-engaging the tonal controls), the sound passed to the speakers is being sent directly as intended by the mixer of the soundtrack?

    4. When measuring the distance for speakers in setting them up on the receiver-set up, do you measure distance from the receiver to your listening position, or do you measure the amount of wire used from the receiver to each speaker? I assume the distance of the speakers, as I believe unimpeded electricity travels at approximately the speed of light, and thus humans should not be able to detect a difference.

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    1. its set at 80 hz, it is not adjustable.

    2. I think you mean direct mode. it bypasses all tone controls, you engage it by pushing the direct button. you can also put it in analog mode to bypass any digital circuitry.

    3. pretty much

    4. distance from speaker to seating position, not of the wire.

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