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    I have recently purchased a Sony 51" widescreen projection HDTV and would like some feedback on whether I should purchase one of software products that adjusts for optimum picture quality. I have used Video Essentials on my 32" direct view monitor and I wish to know if I should purchase the new Ovation disc for my 51". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Dennis, welcome to the forum...

    yeah, you'll want to use a DVD-based tune-up disc for your tv video picture adjustment. The other half of these disks as you know provide audio tones to balance our speakers in a surround system.

    There are two Ovation products out there, the 1999 Avia for $36 online, and the 2001-02 Sound&Vision Home Theater Tune-Up, $15-$16 online, say or barnes& I have both. S&V has fewer video tests and is aimed at less-technical adjustment.

    Ovation recommends doing the disk tune-up as soon as the tv hits the living room. Then after say 100 hours, you can make a decision to get a professional ISE calibrator in-home. Costs at least $250, usually more, I read. I'm not there yet.

    If you can wait, the new and eagerly awaited Digital Video Essentials Home test disk is coming out after its trade show intro in January, price not announced. If you still have access to the older VE, that's fine, too.


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