Toshiba 57HDX82 vs. Pioneer SD-533HD5

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    I posted this on a Home Theater Spot forum, but haven't received a lot of feedback. Hope you don't mind me posting here as well. Thanks.
    The 4:3 stretch modes are the main reason I am down to these two RPTVs - I have looked at each model's progressive stretch mode and they both look pretty good. The following are the pros and cons I am weighing.
    Your input is appreciated.
    Toshiba 57HDX82
    [​IMG] Pros:
    • Screen size
    • Accepts 720p
    • DVI input
    • Works well in built-in installation (the grill comes off and there is a nice exposed bezel for custom installation)
    [​IMG] Cons:
    • More $$ than Pioneer
    • Reported ghosting and speaker hiss
    • 480p upconversion
    Pioneer SD-533HD5
    [​IMG] Pros:
    • Great price ($2300 locally)
    • No upconversion of 480p
    [​IMG] Cons:
    • Smaller size (may be too small at ~11-13 ft)
    • Does not accept 720p
    • No DVI input
    • Doesn't work as well as Toshiba in built-in installation
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    My choice would be the Toshiba. I doubt you would be able to notice the upconversion. You would also be ready for the future with the DVI connection.

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