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Toshiba 50H82 Impressions

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jason MB, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. Jason MB

    Jason MB Auditioning

    Aug 14, 2002
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    OK, I've been haunting this forum for quite a while now and since I made my decision to get a Toshiba partly from all the great info I found here, I figured it might help someone who is in a similar predicament.
    I compared the Toshiba with the ever popular Panny and the Sony (50hw40?). I've had good experiences in the past with Toshiba products and the stretch modes are the best! I didn't really base my decision on it, but the size was very important. I live in an apartment with a tiny little foyer so being able to get it in the door was a good thing too. Even with what I read about ghosting and the 540p upconversion, after seeing it at Best Buy I wasn't worried. Maybe I shouldn't have but I discounted the Sony after seeing it a few times in various stores. The viewing angles just didn't seem as wide as the others that I looked at. The toughest decision was between the Panny and the Toshiba. I was kinda distracted from the Panasonic because of what everyone said about the picture out of the box. I'm planning on moving in a year and then having the set ISF'ed so I didn't want to have to wait a year to have a great picture. At any rate, I decided on the Toshiba and with coupon in hand I went to BB and did the deed. As a side note, if you decide to pick it up from the warehouse yourself, like I did, you might want more than two people to carry it. I almost dropped the freakin thing carrying it up the stairs to my apartment.
    So, fresh out of the box the picture looked great from a foot away. I sit about 6-7 feet away normally and hadn't moved my old entertainment center yet so it was a bit cramped. But I cranked all the settings down, hooked up the DVD player and threw in the Fifth Element and was blown away. Since then I have ventured into the service menu to do a 56 pt convergence, taken the screen and everything off and poked around (not literally), but have been kinda nervous about doing anything physically to the set. Digital cable looks good on most channels but crappy on some (to be fair they looked pretty crappy on my old set too). DVDs look awesome as does the PS2. I've attempted using AVIA to calibrate things but it's a little intimidating and I'm pretty happy with the settings I have.
    To sum up, no buyers remorse here, I love the Toshiba. My only issue is with blue occasionally blooming around very bright whites against dark backgrounds. I've only recently been able to just sit and relax and watch the TV as opposed to studying it for imperfections.
    BTW, I also picked up the Toshiba SD4800 Dvd player and it too, rocks.
  2. Adam O

    Adam O Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 22, 1999
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    Just curious, how do u get into the service menu on this tv?


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