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Tommy Smothers Has Passed Away At 86!!!! (1 Viewer)

Kevin Hewell

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Mar 28, 2003
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Here's some classic tv Smothers Brothers and a couple interviews.

The Judy Garland Show (1963-1964)
Stars Judy Garland Jerry Van Dyke Bradford Craig

S01E02 Episode #1.2 (Oct.06.1963)
Stars Judy Garland Jerry Van Dyke Ethel Merman Dick Smothers Tom Smothers Barbra Streisand

The Jack Benny Program (1950-1965)
Stars Jack Benny Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson Don Wilson Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson Dennis Day Mary Livingstone Mel Blanc Benny Rubin The Sportsmen Quartet Frank Nelson Ned Miller Herb Vigran Jeanette Eymann Dale White Charles Cantor Lois Corbett Bob Crosby George Burns Sammy Weiss Rolfe Sedan Maudie Prickett Ross Elliott Frank Remley Iris Adrian Artie Auerbach Charles Bagby Chick Sheridan Jesslyn Fax Gisele MacKenzie Joe Besser

S15E28 Smothers Brothers Show (Apr.16.1965)
Stars Jack Benny Don Wilson Dick Smothers Tom Smothers Donald Journeaux Mark Harris Phyllis Coghlan Queenie Leonard

The Smothers Brothers confound every attempt by Jack to force them into his straitjacket comedy formula while performing his theme song, but, even scarier to Jack, he is pinned under an unexploded bomb in a World War II London air raid. The UXB squad turns out to be the Smothers. Tom can't remember which wire to pull, while Dick uses the opportunity of Jack's being immobilized to lock in an appearance on Jack's final program.

Panelists question identical twins barbells' saleswomen, identical twins oceanography teachers, identical twins interior decorators and blindfolded. @ 16:20 mystery challengers The Smothers Brothers.

I can't believe Jack Benny was on the air that long,
"The Judy Garland Show" was so great.
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