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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Parker Clack, May 24, 2005.

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    Agreed on many points. I certainly wouldn't hold up single-chip DLP projectors as the transparent display device to represent an industry standard. But there are new displays on the way that go a long way to fixing many of the shortcomings of current 720P DLP *and* JVC LCOS machines. Sony's new Ruby 1080P SXRD has a good response time, excellent contrast/black level, and virtually invisible SDE even from a 1-screen-width viewing distance. Color rendition is virtually perfect with their Xenon bulb. Now that's a machine I think might help many discs reveal their most subtle nuances during evaluation.

    In any case, if current direct-view CRT displays were sufficient for mastering, then why are such artifact-ridden DVD jobs leaving the studios in no short supply? As I stated before, perhaps if mastering engineers could be convinced to view them from 1.5 screen widths for critical evaluation of image quality, direct-view might suffice...but such practices don't seem to have taken root just yet.

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