The one time I'm happy my RPTV is acting up

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Jeff Ulmer, Jun 25, 2003.

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    Does anyone else know how frustrating it is knowing your gear is having a problem, but not being able to demonstrate the fault when the tech comes to look at it?

    For the past two years I have had problems with my Toshiba TW65H80 freaking out in TV mode. The problem is bizarre, and explaining it takes ages, but after multiple service calls and conversations with Toshiba, I am finally getting somewhere with it.

    Of course, every time the technician comes over, the TV works flawlessly, at least until yesterday. I'm nearing the end of a 5 year in home warranty, and wanted to have it looked at again, and even managed to video tape the set going haywire for the tech to see. At first, he could find nothing wrong with it, even after showing him the tape, and while he was there everything was working to spec - that is until we put the set back and he was about to leave. All of a sudden, it started going into its routine, with the tech there to witness it, and play around with the various modes while it was acting up.

    It still isn't fixed, but at least the tech knows I'm not hallucinating. Now he has to get replacement boards out of Toshiba to start the swap and fix routine.

    Thank you TV for showing your true nature. You are on the road to recovery. [​IMG]
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    I feel your pain... I had a 32" Phillips tv that had dark vertical lines that show across the screen, but they were faint, and the techs would never admit to seeing it. There were basically 6 one-inch wide stripes of area where the "brightness" would be like 5 notches darker then the rest of the picture.

    One time a tech came, looked at the tv, took it apart in my apartment, and snapped something in the damn board! I had to send the tv away for a month to get it fixed, and when it came back, they didn't fix the original freakin' problem!!!

    So finally I just went to CC and told them to switch the damn tv regardless (I had a 3 yr extra warranty), and after about a 20 minute yelling match with the stores manager, I won. [​IMG]


    I still don't know what the issue is technically called... if any of the Service Techs who frequent these boards know what was wrong, I'd love to know.

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