The Big Wedding

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Michael Elliott, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Michael Elliott
    I've seen about three dozen or so movies at the theater this year and the most boring thing are seeing the same trailers over and over again. For some reason I didn't see a single trailer for THE BIG WEDDING. I'm not sure what the marketing campaign was for this thing but when you've got four Oscar-winners in a picture you really do expect more.

    This thing wasn't the disaster that many people were predicting but I don't think it's worthy of a full ticket price and it might not be worth a Redbox rental to anyone other than fans of the cast. I'm really not sure why the likes of DeNiro, Keaton, Sarandon and Williams would appear in a movie like this unless there was something that happened during production where the screenplay they agreed to simply went away and they had to start from scratch. The "jokes" are pretty wide from a virgin brother to slut parents to various Catholic jokes. I knew the film was in trouble from the start when we get a sequence of DeNiro going down on girlfriend Sarandon not knowing that the ex Keaton is watching.

    Yeah, it's like that. Still, there were a few laughs to be gathered along the way and I couldn't help but find a little charm with the Oscar-winners going after one another (although Williams is pretty laid back and boring).

    ** out of a 4 but from the low crowds I saw this with I doubt it'll be in theaters long.
  2. Steve...O

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    In my opinion 2 star rating is overly generous. This is quite simply one of the worst movies I have ever seen in a theater. Tasteless, crude, unbelievable characters, etc.

    Very disappointed after seeing this.
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    Given the roster of acting talent, I have no idea how any of them signed on if they first read the script. There are a few nuggets of jokes in there, but it's pretty uninspired writing.

    I give it 1.75 stars, or a grade of C-.

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