Thanks Sony You Killed the Format

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Dave Scarpa, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Dave Scarpa

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    David Scarpa

    Well Sony is to blame for this. I like the Quote that the PSP is a Gaming Device Period, that's not how they were touting it before. Sales of UMD movies when there was no games were steller, people wee watching movies on the Device, problem is the Studio Got Greedy. Setting the Price Point to almost double of a DVD is what killed the Format. People would've accepted they were only playable on the unit if the Price point was reasonable, say $8-9 a title. If they were we'd be talking about the success of the format. That fact that they blame everything But that is very Telling that they still don't get it.

    Well maybe a Firmware revison to allow 480x272 encoding now..Please...
  2. ChrisMatson

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    I think that UMD can be saved by making it an open format. Sony should make UMD-recording drives and allow people to buy blank UMDs. Let the consumer decide what to do with the discs.
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    I'm curious how others view movies. I only use the feature when I'm flying. And for that transferring to the memory card from a DVD works great. One, it's free (assuming you own the DVD). Two, it uses less battery power so I can watch more without having to find a outlet during a stopover.

    Although allowing writable UMDs would be intersting and might just do the trick to keep it alive. So would cheaper movies, say $10.

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