1. A

    Replacing a Viewsonic PX701-4K with ???

    Hello All, Our theater is used for the kids basic PS4 gaming and us watching movies/sports via a ROKU Ultra 4k which streams 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision. That's it. No other hardware. When watching a movie in 7.1.2 I want the image to be as good as the sound but I don't want to overbuy. I don't...
  2. Sam Posten

    General Discussion AppleTV comes to Xbox and PlayStation

    Today: last week:
  3. JohnS

    PlayStation Vue getting rid of MGMHD Channel

    As of Oct 19th PlayStation Vue is getting rid of MGMHD Channel. I liked having this channel.
  4. Ruz-El

    First Time Setting Up A NAS Media Server for PS3/4, Any Suggestions?

    Hey folks! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I currently have a bunch of hard drives in docks plugged into a USB hub to watch movies with my PS4/PS3. It mostly works, but I've been thinking of upgrading to a proper NAS and consolidating some of those 1-2TB drives into a 6TB. At some point I...
  5. Todd Erwin

    CinemaNow app dropped from Sony devices, including PlayStation

    Sony and CinemaNow have parted ways, meaning the CinemaNow app is no longer available on any Sony TV, Blu-ray player, and even PS3 and PS4 consoles. What does this mean, exactly? It means that any content purchased on CinemaNow that is not UltraViolet can no longer be viewed on these devices...
  6. Todd Erwin

    Sony Expands PlayStation VUE Service Area and Will Add a la carte Channels

    Sony has expanded the service areas for their PlayStation VUE streaming service to now include Los Angeles and San Francisco, in addition to the launch cities of Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. Starting in July, some channels will be available a la carte, beginning with Showtime, Fox Soccer...
  7. Herschel Frierson

    HELP with Xbox One and PS4 Connection to Projector

    Can my Xbox One and PS4 read through an IR where my rack is hidden? See links
  8. Sam Posten

    While we weren't paying attention Playstation Plus has gotten badass

    I dunno if you guys have noticed but the Instant Game Collection for PS3 via PS Plus has gotten pretty awesome. Today when the store lifts Sleeping Dogs will be free to all PS Plus subscribers. I think I've gotten at least one great title if not more each of the last 4 months, and most of them...
  9. AlaskanAVGuy

    The 4K UHD ELEPHANT in the Room...what they don't want you to know

    The UHD 4K Elephant in the Room. At the Average Viewing distance of 10' you would need a 77" Screen or bigger before you could see Any Improvements with a 4K UHDTV (3840 x 2160) over a 2K (1920 x 1080) set. These are the limits of the human eye with 20/20 vision. Digital Trends also...
  10. Todd Erwin

    The Amazing Spider-Man PS3 Review

    Taking place just after the events in the film of the same name, Activision’s The Amazing Spider-Man is an instant spoiler-alert for anyone who has not seen the movie. As a movie tie-in game, it’s another in a long line of games trying to cash in on a movie’s success without attempting to be...
  11. Todd Erwin

    Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Game Review

  12. L

    Gaming Review Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review

    Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Review Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, also known to long-time players as 2.0 is here. Does it live up to the expectations of fans and newcomers? Keep reading to find out. As I’m sure many of you will remember in September of 2010 Final fantasy XIV 1.0’s...
  13. Bryan^H

    Favorite PS1 games

    I can still play my favorie PS1 games. Yes they look horribly outdated(SNES, and Genesis have strangely aged better in the graphics department) but the PS1 will always be a favorite sysem of mine. I have many great memories playing these games, some of which I will share with you. -Resident...
  14. Northgun

    Retro Gaming

    In recent days I have been pondering how to make my retro game systems look much better on my 55 inch HD TV. I started doing a lot of digging and found that the first step in converting and up-scaling to HD is making the original signal better. To do this I found the best option is RGB (SCART)...
  15. Aaron Silverman

    The Last of Us

    Reviews seem very positive. When I pulled up Amazon and typed "the" in the search box (without selecting a department), the predictive search drop-down showed a list of variations on "The Last of Us." I will definitely check this out. . .someday, after I get around to Uncharted 3. . . :)
  16. Joseph Young

    Suikoden 3 for PS2 - Discontinued by Microsoft?

    Hi, I recently found a used copy of Suikoden 3 for the PS2. I regrettably had no prior experience with previous games in the series, but had heard a lot of good things about this epic Konami RPG. I was told by a somewhat reliable source that the game was discontinued because Microsoft...
  17. Patrick Sun

    PS3 vs. Wii
  18. Paul D G

    Wii vs XBox vs PS3

    Well it's safe to say I was shocked... SHOCKED! I tell you! when my wife, completely out of the blue, hesitatingly said to me the other day "I don't know what your thoughts are, but I was thinking we should get a Wii for Christmas." SHOCKED! This is the same woman who vocally expresses...
  19. tom milton

    Wii or PS3 for RockBand2??

    right now RockBand 2 is the only game planned for the new console. i realize that the PS3 operates as a blueray DVD player. any other reason to choose it over the Wii, or vice versa, for RockBand 2? thanks!
  20. Scott L

    Sony PSP & Nintendo D5 Prices

    Sony PSP - $199 - $249 Saw this posted at another forum a couple days ago.. didn't even know what the DS was until I did some more research on the PSP. :wink: edit- thread title should read DS, not D5, sorry.
  21. shaneT

    ps2 has hard time with DVD's

    Hello, My playstation 2 has no problem playing cd's or games. But almost all movie i put in ends up coming up with a "disk read error". Any suggestions? might it just be a dirty lens? if it was the lens, then i wouldn't understand why the games and cd's work just fine. thanks in...
  22. Jeff Adams

    Any info or news on Sega's NHL 2K4 for the PS2?

    I am very much looking forward to the release of NHL 2K4 on the PS2. NHL 2K3 was easily the best NHL game I have ever played. It was by far the most realistic gameplay to date.I loved the dump and chase into the zone and the poke checks were sweet. It made EA'S NHL 2003 look like a complete...
  23. Daniel Becker

    Can someone tell me if the PS2 version of NCAA 2004 has a widescreen option?

    Last years Madden didn't so I was worried about this years NCAA 2003. Thanks Dan.B
  24. paul h

    The PS2 continues to dominate in japan..

    I find it incredible that after so much time since release the PS2 is still selling almost 50k units a week in japan.. After reading of MS laying off staff in Japan recently i wonder if they are really that worried about the Japanese market as the box does well in Europe and the US. The...
  25. Robert_eb

    Aliens Versus Predator Ps2

    Is anyone planning on getting this title? The release date is 7-29.
  26. B

    Wireless PS2 controller anyone?

    I just found this new wireless controller for PS on the internet last week and I wanted to let you guys know about it. For the little bit I've used it, it seems like a very high quality controller. Kind of expensive but I can't stand wires after using the Wavebird. Check it out the info and...
  27. JoseEduardo

    American PS2 in Europe

    Hello all, I'm planning to buy a PS2 here in the US and bring it back to Norway with me. The problem is that in Norway the voltage is 220v and I assume the PS2 is made to work with 110v here. IS there a transformer or switch available that I could get to make the PS2 work in Europe? And what...
  28. Scott_W

    NCAA 2004 Online League (PS2)?

    Anyone picking up this game and starting a league? It looks fantastic, and the EA service looks like it has a lot of potential, maybe beyond XBox Live (with offline challenges / email). Next week is going to be a good week ;-).
  29. Tony-B

    Any Tony Hawk 3/4 PS2 online players?

    I just got a network adapter yesterday, and I just wanted to know if any of you play Tony Hawk 3 or 4 for PS2 online. Thanks.
  30. paul h

    Great Review of Metal Slug 3 on PS2

    Cant wait for this one, nothing like old school shooting SNK style :D