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    It is true. The multitudes of positive owner reviews of SVS Subwoofers are no exaggeration. I purchased (out of my own pocket) a pair of 16-46 cylinders and Samson amplifier after discussing my room and listening requirements with Tom Vodhanel at SVS. He recommended several options and since floor space was not an issue, I chose a pair of regular cylinders and external amp.
    Shipping via UPS ground took about a week and the units arrived in pristine condition thanks to thorough packaging. Despite their size, the subs were easily carried up a flight of stairs and into my totally black viewing room. Their famed, black "teddy bear" finish rendered the subs invisible in a room corner. Floor space requirements are actually tiny with such small footprints.
    A few minutes of hookup were needed. Nothing harder than connecting two regular speakers. The only point of potential problem was needing to set the Samson amp to parallel mode.
    A few minutes with AVIA's subwoofer setup tones (with all speakers set small, bass to subwoofer only) got levels aligned. I prefer to calibrate with my main volume set to -10dB when using AVIA so test tones can be targeted at a softer 75 dB SPL instead of 85 dB when the master volume is at 0 dB. As I usually listen to material at -15 to -20 dB I set the sub level to read 3 dB above the main speakers. Given the RS SPL meter reading bass a bit low, this yielded a sub level which was perhaps 6 dB above the mains to compensate for my low listening level.
    The next order of business was setting the subwoofer limit level for my receiver. This is available on some receivers and allows one to set the maximal level of sound sent to the sub. Given that the SVS CS units don't themselves have limiters, I thought this a good safety step carry out. What an eye opener! The subs would not bottom out until well beyond the limits I could trust my room's structural integrity. They just kept putting out clean bass beyond what I'd ever let play for extended time in my room. Clearly, we had enough bass headroom.
    Phasing was tested using AVIA's subwoofer/center channel signal as I already have my front three speakers phase matched to within a fraction of an inch. I had feared that the Samson lacking a fractional phase control would be a problem, but I had good upper and lower bass reproduction the first time out.
    Once set and done it was time to try some source material. Unfortunately, I noticed a new, faint 60-cycle hum from my surrounds. This was reduced by retightening the ground wires at my home's DSS and cable grounding blocks, but not totally eliminated until I lifted the ground of the Samson amp. With quiet one more restored, I put on a disc.
    The sound was totally under whelming! I could scarcely believe the thin bass. THIS was what people were raving about? It was disappointing to say the least. That is until ... I noticed that the Samson amp's power light was off. I had not turned it back on after changing its AC connection.
    Click. Oh my!!!!
    A new depth and ambience filled the room. Good clean bass with tremendous extension, dynamic range, but no hint of boom. The SVS cylinders played all the way down to 20 Hz with AVIA's low frequency sweep. They blended well for music. Bass notes were distinct, not muddy. The subs rocked the room with LF effects effortlessly and convincingly. In short, the SVS 16-46's delivered the detailed bass I wanted without being intrusive. The closest experience I can relate to this is the first time one sees a properly calibrated display. Clean, deep, articulate, but not loud bass is another veil lifted.
    These subs take time to set up correctly, but once done, they are an addition sure to put a grin on a home theater owner's face. Definitely recommended.
    Guy Kuo
    Ovation Software, the Home of AVIA DVD
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    Jun 19, 1999
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    For those who don't know; Guy is one of the developers of the AVIA test disc. A knowledgable, helpful forum member. I think his opionion carries a lot of weight.
    And, yes, I'm an SVS owner, too. [​IMG]
  4. Curtis_Edwards

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    Congrats Guy! I too will be a happy SVS owner very soon.
  5. Rich Burns

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    Jul 4, 2001
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    My 20-39CS arrives tomorrow! [​IMG]
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  6. SVS-Ron

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    Guy KUO?
    NOT Commander Taggert's "plucky comic relief"?? NOT the "Guy" guy that dies in episode 18?
    (Sorry just had a Galaxy Quest flashback! ;^)
    Thanks for the kind words Guy. Twin 16-46's are probably just about the most potent and cost effective bass solution on the planet I'd say. Thanks for discovering us and sharing your thoughts.
    Ron Stimpson
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  7. Dalton

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    Aug 19, 2001
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    Rhode Island
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    I have a pair of 25-31's w/samson amp and I can't say enough good things about them. They are incredibly tight, deep, and accurate. If you are in the market for a sub(or 2)
    SVS should be at the top of your short list. THEY ARE THAT GOOD.
    MY System:
    Panasonic wxf95 56" HD Ready TV
    Marantz SR7200 6.1 Receiver(Awesome product in it's own right)
    JVC XV-FA95GD 7 disc DVD Audio/video progressive scan player (really nice unit)
    Sony A50 Dolby Digital Sat receiver(getting HD Sat receiver soon)
    Klipsch KLF C7 Center Channel
    Klipsch KLF 30's(mains)
    Klipsch SS-1 Surrounds
    Acoustic Research AR4-C Rear center
    Dual SVS 25-31's Powered by the Samson s700(350wx2)
  8. Tom Vodhanel

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    Sep 4, 1998
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    Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts on the SVs Guy. After all the options we discussed...I'm glad the dual 46s/S700 are to your liking. Now go through the 3-D waterfalls on the SVS site...and feel some of the bass you might not have noticed before [​IMG]

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