SVIDEO converter to COMPOSITE VIDEO adapter

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    I have seen both for sale and DIY plans for a "SVIDEO converter to COMPOSITE VIDEO adapter".
    While I know that their will be some signal loss over the quality of a SVIDEO signal.
    But the question is.. will the loss be greater than the same composite video signal from the same source?
    I have a DirecTV receiver that only has a single composite video output and currently use a "Y" cable to split the signal between my VCR and TV.
    Would I get a better signal between the devices if I purchased one of these converters and used the SVIDEO output of the DirecTV receiver TV and the composite to the VCR that I am currently getting with he "Y"?
    David E. Carmichael
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    Radio Shack sells a composite to S-video converter that will work either way. It will take the S-video out from the DirecTV receiver and convert it to composite with very little loss in picture quality. In fact, whether you will see a diffeence at all probably depends mostly on the size of your TV, and the quality of your TVs comb filter. I use one of these to do the opposite, convert the composite out to S-video so I can use my receiver to switch all my components. I think it works very well. It costs about $20. Try one, you can always take it back if you don't like the quality.
    Monster Cable sells a similar converter that they charge $120 for. I don't think it's six times as good.

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