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Video cards with "real" HDMI ports, not converted from DisplayPort? (1 Viewer)

Colin Dunn

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Oct 10, 1998
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I think I made an expensive mistake. I bought an Intel ARC 770 video card to upgrade my HTPC from its aging GeForce 1050Ti. Using the same display devices and cables, the GeForce 1050Ti could achieve 4K, 60Hz, HDR output when configured for YCbCr mode. However, as soon as I swapped in the ARC, HDR quit working, and I could only sync up at 30Hz. I did some Web searching to see how to enable YCbCr mode, only to find that the Intel ARC A770 doesn't support YCbCr output, only RGB. Apparently, this is because the HDMI output is not a fully functional HDMI port, but rather "converted" (internally, not via converter cable) from DisplayPort. I tried swapping cables, etc. but just could not get it to display 4K HDR at 60Hz.

With many PC video cards now designed primarily for DisplayPort monitors, how do I ensure that I get a video card with proper HDMI support, including the ability to configure YCbCr444 output? I gave the ARC a shot because NVidia's prices are very high. I would like to get a video card that can display video content at 4K, HDR, 60Hz, YCbCr. For games I only need 1080p 60Hz, which shouldn't be that hard to do with the current generation of video cards.

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