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Discussion in 'Displays' started by JayKellen, Jan 11, 2004.

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    I have been itching to buy a new television...I currently have a 32 inch Toshiba, nothing fancy, not widescreen or anything, but want a new, larger TV soon.

    I have been hearing all of the High Definition conversion talk lately, meaning all signals will be digital by 2006 or something like that, and I really want a Tv that is ready for this upgrade and will last a long time.

    I am looking at 42 inch widescreen TV's, and there is one I like that is more of a projection TV, and I trust Toshiba greatly, and this price range is around $1,300...

    I guess my questions are, what features do I need in a TV that will take advantage of the new digital conversion, and what TV's available now do you recommend?? Like I said, I am looking at TV's in the $1,300-2,500 range. I want the best picture possible, but know I cannot afford a LCD or plasma, so is projection the way to go?? Do projection TV's have the features I want, or are these strictly on LCD and Plasma TV's??...Please help, and I appreciate any information you can give me.
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    CRT projection, is still great technology, just the most bulky of them all.

    The features you may want:
    DVI connection
    2 True HD Component Video Inputs
    Progressive Scan
    The ability to display 480p, 720p, and 1080i....

    With that said, it of course can be a trade off, on Picture Quality, Picture Size, Picture format, Inputs, and supported resolutions.

    I just went with a set, that does not have DVI, does not support 720p, and only has one Component HD input.

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