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Suggestions for sources for non standard lighting (1 Viewer)

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
I am doing a bit of revamping to my bathroom. Previously above the sink there was a small Fluorescent light (similar to a small shop light) which I never liked. I would like to replace it with one of those make-up style bar lights- with the small globes, like these:

I have looked at home depot and lowes, but have a few small issues that make my selection a bit more difficult:

1) The standard lights come in 4 or 6 light configurations. However, the space I have to fill would be best filled by a 5 light model (the 4 would be much shorter than the cabinet and the 6 would be too long for the space available). The 5 light models seem pretty easy to find in specialty shopes, just not at warehouse home improvement places. I have considered just recutting the hole and replacing the current med cabinet with one with built in light-- but would rather just get a 5 light fixture!

2) The old shop light had a switch on the side, so the electric running to the area is unswitched. I cannot get to the source of the power to place a logical switch- so i'm stuck. None of these standard light bars come with a switch. I could add something next to the light, if absolutely necessary, but agian- would rather just buy a commercial solution rather than installing a random lightswitch on the top of my wall.

3) The old shop light had an outlet at the end for hairdryers or whatever... and it's the ONLY outlet in the bathroom. I have to get something with an outlet available-- again I could add one in the wall next to the unit-- but it would look bad and would rather just have a commercial solution.

So, basically I'm looking for something I will never find in a standard home improvement store... a 5 light bar with it's own switch and a utility outlet on one end.

Wondering if you guys knew any good sources for more oddball lighting needs... especially something online?

Thanks in advance for you help!


Gary Silverman

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 12, 2000
Vince, take a look at the Progress Lighting website, in particular, the P3067-15, or the P3116-15. They're 5 light fixtures. No switch, no receptacle though. The receptacle you want would be a code violation, unless it's fed from a GFI. If you want to do it right, you should fish out from the fixture, and install a GFI receptacle. You could put in a wall switch at the same time, and solve both of your problems.

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