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  1. Marcus Lewis

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    Oct 27, 2001
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    I currently have a Rotel receiver with 75 watts RMS per channel ... 5 channels.

    I currently have a Koda SW-1000 80 watt sub hooked up.

    The frequency response on this sub is 35-150Hz, Input sensitivity 200mV.

    I'm VERY unhappy with it. It sounds boomy a lot of the time and just does'nt ROCK like it should ...

    Would an NHT subzero be a good replacement or should I go with the NHT subtwo one time?

    My current satellites are soon to be replaced by towers, not sure what yet.

    Please don't recommend SVS as I'm in Trinidad and don't have easy access to them... Thanks in advance. However other Sub recommendations are welcome, Atlantic Technology, PSB, Paradigm, Klipsch.
  2. Colin Chisholm

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    I have an NHT Sub One working in tandem with a pair of NHT 2.5i's as mains and couldn't be happier. I find the Sub One provides excellent low end for both music (the reason I got it) and film soundtracks. One of the main complements I hear about NHT's subs is that they are "musical" instead of just "loud".

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