NHT SuperOne vs XU vs SB2

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by KevinDB, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    I'm looking to upgrade my HT speakers from my current piecemeal setup - 2 ancient Kenwood 3-ways w/ 10" woofers, Klipsch KV-1 Center, Energy Take5 Satellites and an Infinity BU2 sub. (I'm planning on keeping the sub).

    The restrictions I have from the Wife Unit are they be relatively small, wall mountable, white (or some unobtrusive color - ie not black), and not unreasably expensive (5 speakers for < ~$750).

    The last time I was looking I was impressed by the NHT SuperOnes/Zeros - I almost got a setup of 3 SuperOnes and 2 SuperZeros.

    They seem to meet my my current requirements, but of course NHT has discontinued them. Their current choices are the SuperOne/Zero XUs or the SB2/SB1s.

    How do the current XUs compare to the old SuperOnes / SuperZeros?

    How do the SB2s/SB1s compare to the SuperOnes/Zeros and the XUs?

    I can still find White SuperOnes out there for $135, but haven't been able to find the SuperZeros.

    I can find the SuperOne/Zero XUs for $135/$100 ea online (onecall), and they save money on wallmounts.

    The SB2s/SB1s are about $200/$150 ea.

    Any opinions out there?

    Any other recomendations?
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    Nov 1, 2000
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    I owned the NHT SuperOne and currently own the SB2, its direct replacement. As good as the SuperOne was, the SB2 is better....better performance all around, but more importantly, better bass response. The SB2 also has rubber surrounds around its midrange/woofer, whereas the SuperOne is equipped with a foam surround around its paper woofer. For a little more money, the SB2 is a much better speaker.

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