Stereo 5.1 Setup- Any Experiences

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by victor-eyd, Aug 5, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    A couple of years ago at some hifi audio store (forgot the name), the owner was showing me a system and I want to know if anyone has had extended experiences with this setup. It isn't easy- it's pretty cumbersome and a tweak system if there ever was one, but I want to know if it's worthwhile...

    The setup consists of two systems integrated together via the playback component (ie DVD player) with both digital bitstream and digital PCM/analog out. The digital bitstream enters one receiver/preamp with 5.1 and powers the center, surround, and subwoofer outputs. The PCM signal/analog outputs go into ANOTHER stereo receiver or preamp set to STEREO mode only and plays left and right front audio speakers only. Obviously if you are using a 2nd component for playback it has to have the same outputs (digital/analog) or you'll be listening to those sources in stereo only. You'll also need two remotes for sound calibration, switching, etc.

    From the short listening times I've heard, it sounds pretty filling in terms of sound quality. I believe the owners intention was that 5.1 was too specific on a per channel basis, and that by integrating a stereo sound into the mix you could have your cake and eat it too- discrete surround sould, extended 5.1 bass response, wider fuller front stage sound. Yes, there will be sound smearing issues and other audio problems that one may find "technically" incorrect, but I'm more interested in the whole experience, as in "did you like it?" Let me know if any of you have tried this setup.

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    I think it would sound more upfront and the sound would be more theatrical than intimate. The soundstage would change and there could be a loss of ambience, but the overall sound of the movie would be louder.

    That would mean there are 3 speakers playing the center channel info, and 2 speakers playing the background music (In general). I think that it seems like a nice tweak to try out and is a good idea. To bad I've never tried it.

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