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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by ErikMe, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. ErikMe

    ErikMe Auditioning

    Apr 4, 2004
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    I have an RCA rt2600 home theater. I have connected the dvd and cable to the unit with s-video and the required rca cables. I purchased this unit as a display unit. Since it had no wires the RCA rep gave me 100 ft of speaker wire. I installed the unit and literally ran my finger up and down the wire to verify I had everything connected correctly to the speakers. The problem that I am having is that after 20 minutes of use a loud static comes over the speakers when I watch either cable or dvd. When I test the tone the static is not there and the sound comes through clean. However it returns when I return to the dvd or cable and it is present also when I disconnect both the cable and dvd. I do not know where this interference is coming from. Have changed outlets, and moved tv away from the unit and still no luck. Do not know what to do.
  2. Cees Alons

    Cees Alons Moderator

    Jul 31, 1997
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    Cees Alons

    Welcome to the forum.

    Difficult problem! You say it's still there when you disconnect the DVD and cable. I suppose that it's only there if it was present already at the moment you disconnect those DVD- and cable cables.
    Is it related to the sound mode setting on your receiver (e.g. DD or AC3, Dolby Pro-Logic, or so)? When it's still there, it disappears when you try test sounds, isn't it? Does it also disappear when you switch to any other sound mode?

    If this is the case, it looks like a problem with the receiver circuitry. Apparently, it's not your DVD player or cable connection, because it persists when they are disconnected.


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