St Croix Condos???

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by David McGough, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. David McGough

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    Nov 26, 1999
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    My wife had us going to Hawaii this Dec.
    After reading all of the great replies which my wife loved.
    Includeing the pic from Marix.
    Wife had me print all of them to save in our Vacation File

    Wife has now decided that a week is not enough. It is a
    14hr flight from Tenn. That's 2 days of flying, Island hoping staying at 2 Islands. We need more time than a week.
    Her thinking is both kids gone next year lets go spend 2 weeks. Maybe she is finding money I don't know about????

    Now she has had a brain storm of St. Croix, staying one place, cut the flying time in half.
    Spend more time in the Sun my case at the Tiki bar hehehe...

    Wife is tracking Travel City flight rates and going to lock in the next $750 tickets she finds.
    Im not trying to be a pain but that is were we are at now.
    Any St. Croix tips on places you have stayed.

    Marix you have any pictures of there??
    Those pic made her realize you can't see Hawaii in
    7 days with 2 days flying.
  2. alan halvorson

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    Oct 2, 1998
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    14 hour flight? When I went in 1996, it was a 8 hour flight from the Twin Cities, with a 45 minute stopover in San Francisco for refueling (I flew some charter airline).

    Yes, you do need more than a week.

    My aunt and uncle used to vacation in Hawaii for a month every two years. They rented an apartment through their travel agency that was a little off the beaten track. Turned out that they could stay for a month for about the same as most people spent for two weeks.

    As for St. Croix, I can't help you.
  3. Philip_G

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    Nov 13, 2000
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    my grandparents did the same, they stayed in a little condo for a couple months, most of the winter actually. Turns out it was cheaper to go to HI than it was florida for the winter.

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