Speaker Placement: DVD-A vs. DD 5.1

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    I currently have my speakers calibrated and placed pretty well for HT - specifically for Dolby Digital 5.1. The fronts also image pretty well for 2 channel stereo. I will be connecting a DVD-A player shortly and I was wondering if the speaker placement will necessarily be the same? Recalibrating them for a new source is simple, but moving them each time I switch sources is not possible.
    In short, is the 5.1 speaker placment for DD 5.1 the same as the 5.1 speaker placement for DVD-A?
    BTW, my setup is the Divas 4.1/2.1/c3 with a HK avr520. The new DVD-A unit is the JVC XV-SA70BK. Thanks.
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    In short, no [​IMG]
    Above is a common placment for DVD-A's and such. Note the differences from the Dolby standard.
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