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Speaker advice for Denon 3805? (Noob warning) (1 Viewer)


May 7, 2004
Hello all -
I am relatively new to the world of home theater, although I have been a car audio buff since I turned 16. I've finally saved up some cash and am ready to replace the old Kenwood HTIB setup I've been running since my college days. I've been doing extensive research on HTF the last few days, and here's what I've decided on/ordered so far:

Denon AVR-3805 receiver
Denon DVM-2815 DVD changer
Samsung HLN617W 61" DLP HDTV monitor

I'm looking to drop around $2500 (negotiable) on the rest of the 7.1 setup. Here's what I'm considering:

Setup 1:
Polk RTi12 towers*
Polk CSi5 center
Polk RTi4 bookshelves (rear fill)
Polk FXi3 surrounds (side fill)
SVS PC-Ultra sub

Setup 2:
Infinity Alpha 50 towers
Infinity Alpha 37c center
Infinity Alpha 20 bookshelves (rear fill)
Infinity Alpha 25ES surrounds (side fill)
SVS PC-Ultra sub

Setup 3:
Axiom M80ti towers**/***
Axiom VP150 center
Axiom M22ti bookshelves (rear fill)
Axiom QS8 surrounds (side fill)
SVS PC-Ultra sub

* - Will there be a noticeable performance increase over the RTi10s? Also, are the LSis worth the extra $$$ over the RTis?
** - The M80tis are rated at 4ohms; my 3805 is listed as stable down to 6ohms. Can the 3805 handle the M80tis?
*** - Will there be a noticeable performance increase over the M60tis?

I've listened to the Polks at the local Circuit City and was impressed, but the listening environment obviously left something to be desired. I am not able to audition the Alphas or the Axioms here. Cost is somewhat of a factor, but I'd rather spend a bit more now and not contract upgraditis in the next year...

A couple things about my setup. The room where the setup will be located is approximately 25Lx12Wx9H. My HT will be used for both movies and music, but primarily movies (90/10). I don't need to level the neighborhood but I would like to be able to scare them should I so choose. ;-)

Overall, what is your opinion of the Alphas, Axioms, and Polks when matched to the 3803/3805 (since I assume what sounded best with the 3803 will probably sound best on the 3805)? Am I missing a speaker I should consider? I've read good things about the Denon/Klipsch setup, but honestly have not been blown away by the Klipsches (?) I have heard in the past. I prefer my movies on the bright side of neutral, but not so much that it is distracting and noticeably coming from a speaker. Any opinions/advice are appreciated; I know just what I've read here and what Best Buy, Circuit City, and Hi-Fi Buys could audition for me (which is essentially crap).

Thanks very much,

al lout

Stunt Coordinator
May 6, 2004

This might be useless info since I haven't heard any of the setups you're listed so I can't comment much about them. But if you have a chance go listen to the JBL studio series. They're discontinued though, so it might be hard to find... I have listen to the JBL S312II and the Jbl S38II powered by Denon 3803 receiver. I love the warm sound come out from those. S312II is the 12" tower, the bass is great. S38II is an 8" bookshelf speaker... Give it a spin, you might save some $$$ from those...


Edward J M

Senior HTF Member
Sep 22, 2002
Deep six the RTi12's in favor of the RTi8's and invest in better surrounds (FXi5). The 12's are power hogs and you won't want to run them on large anyway with an SVS Ultra in the loop.

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