Sound Bar or HTIB?

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by KingOfPVille, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I have a 46" Sony WEGA with horrible sound. I want to improve the sound. What would you recommend: sound bar or HTIB 5.1 system. I want to spend around $300 max. Would like to connect a future BluRay player aswell. Thanks.
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    A HTIB is better, in my opinion. A sound bar simulates true surround with delays and such. For a HTIB, I would recommend Onkyo. I would just upgrade the wire that comes with it to 16awg or better.
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    Jason Charlton

    This is a pretty vague description of your goals. You mention adding Blu-Ray in the future - does that mean you'd want to have full-blown 5.1 surround sound at some point down the road?

    $300 is also a pretty tight budget, but if you know where you WANT to go with this, then we can make recommendations.

    $300 would get you a so-so sound bar system now, but it would be a waste of money if you intend to expand the system later on down the road.

    $300 is not enough to get a decent 5.1 system either. Any "all-in-one" home theater in a box system is going to be very limited in expandability. The cheapest HTiB system out there that would be a worthwhile investment is the Onkyo 6200 - which is about twice your budget.

    Another alternative is to build your system piece by piece. Again, this is still a bit beyond your budget, but you could get an Onkyo 507 receiver (one of the cheapest options that would fully support Blu-Ray in the future) for about $325. A pair of SVS SB-01 speakers for the fronts ($150). Later, you can get a Dayton subwoofer from for about $100 and a matching center speaker (the SCS-01 also from SVS) for $120. Lastly, add some surround speakers from SVS and you're all set.

    That works out to an initial investment of about $500 - but it won't be wasted money. Every component you get will be a piece of a larger puzzle. For an extra $250 you'd have a full 5.1 system that will easily outperform any HTiB and still have room for future expansion.

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