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    Question...I'm possibly in the market for a widescreen set soon. I like the look of the Sony 57" widescreen model 57HW40. I have a fundamental question - can this model display HDTV? I ask because I notice Sony do higher-end sets that have "native 1080 scanning" and I'm not sure what the difference is.

    What are it's limitations in terms of the various digital TV formats etc?

    And, I believe I can get the benefit of anamorphic without a progressive scan DVD player. How much better are things with progressive scan?

    Excuse the ignorance.

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    I have the kp53hs10 but a friend of mine has the 57HW40 which you are looking at. The only limition for these tvs is that they will not display 720P but will upconvert it to 1080i. I use a progressive dvd player and he does not and I will say that the pictures are about the same.

    BTW when I got me tv sony had not yet come out with a widescreen.

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