Should Receivers Have 7 Speaker Inputs for Dolby Digital-EX and DTS-ES?

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    I posted this in another thread, but wanted to open up the discussion to all in this group...

    I'm seeing next-generation receivers are including 7 speaker inputs (i.e. Sony's new DA4ES and DA7ES):

    Front Left-------Center-------Front Right

    Left Surround-----------------Right Surround


    My question is... what's the point of having two rear surrounds (A & B on the diagram above)? I figure in a DD-EX or DTS-ES mix, having two rear speakers (especially since the sound is matrixed, mono) will reduce the overall quality of the rear soundstage as there is only 3 discrete channels being sent out by the receiver for these areas. It would almost be like having two centers speakers. Is this really a good thing or should you just have one rear?

    Now if SDDS was a home theater option, this would make sense to have 7 inputs (since that format is 7.1 discrete), but that isn't the case with DD-EX and DTS-EX (6.1 discrete formats)

    I guess we could say the same thing about the 2 subwoofer inputs on most new receivers out in the marketplace.

    Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
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    Sounds like future proofing.

    Who knows what formats the future will bring?

    A few years ago no-one thought to add 5.1 inputs on equipment.

    Many many manufacturers are already adding 6.1 or better inputs well before Sony did.


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