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Harmon Kardon AVR 8000 for sale (1 Viewer)


Jan 9, 2016
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I have for sale a Harman Kardon AVR 8000 receiver . It was the Flagship of the Harman Kardon line in 2002/2003 and sold for $2800 back then. This is a very rare receiver with audiophile grade amplification. If you are reading this posting, you know how rare and desirable this receiver is.

This receiver is a beast and will effortlessly power the most demanding speaker setups. The receiver alone weights over 50 lbs which should tell you a bit about the quality construction .

Receiver is in perfect condition. It's been in the movie room unused for 7 or 8 years now since I needed HDMI cabling in the ceiling..

The AVR 8000, H/K's flagship receiver, boasts enough power and processing to deliver a supercharged home theater experience! It's not only armed with 110 full-bandwidth-rated watts x 5 channels of amplification, but also meets the extremely strict performance standards necessary to garner THX® Ultra certification. Exclusive THX Ultra enhancements like Timbre Matching™, ReEqualization™, and Decorrelation™ all contribute to an ultra-faithful reproduction of the cinematic experience in your living room.
This receiver's also got the processing flexibility to handle virtually any surround format you can throw its way, including THX Surround EX™, DTS-ES™ Discrete 6.1, DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, Dolby® Digital, and Dolby Pro Logic II™. Topping it all off are H/K's exclusive Logic 7® modes, which let you transform older surround sources and stereo music into exciting 5.1 or 7.1 channel sound. And for fans of Internet audio, the AVR 8000 also offers MP3 decoding, for use with PC sound cards that can output an MP3 bitstream through an optical or coaxial digital connection.
You also get convenient features galore. Dual-room/dual-source A/V capability lets you and a housemate enjoy different sources simultaneously. The EzSet™ remote for your main room automatically sets your home theater speaker levels, and there's even a separate remote for the second room. There's also plenty of connectivity for all your sources, including switching for 3 component video sources. The front panel alone has optical and coaxial digital inputs and outputs, plus A/V (with S-video) jacks that are switchable as inputs or outputs.
A crucial factor in the AVR 8000's spectacular performance is the care with which H/K has designed its "guts." Two advanced Crystal processors — each sporting dual 24-bit DSP engines — handle surround decoding with extreme precision. A massive torroidal power transformer feeds separate power supplies for the driver and output stages, assuring maximum output power at all times, even during the most demanding multichannel peaks that THX Surround EX can dish out. Three pairs of discrete output devices for each channel further guarantee sonic accuracy. We're talking phenomenally high-end sound!

  • THX Ultra certified
  • THX Surround EX, Dolby Digital, DTS-ES, and Pro Logic II
  • DTS Neo:6 modes
  • 125 watts x 2 (stereo) into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.07% THD — or 110 x 5 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.07% THD (surround mode)
  • dual-room/dual-source A/V output (preamp-level stereo audio; composite & S-video)
  • backlit, learning/multibrand EzSet remote
  • separate remote for second room
  • 192kHz/24-bit DACs
  • MP3 decoding
  • HDCD decoding for the best possible sound from HDCD-encoded CDs
  • on-screen display (requires TV with direct video input)
  • front-panel S-video A/V in/out (switchable)
  • component video switching: 3 in, 1 out (30MHz bandwidth)
  • digital inputss: 4 optical, 4 coaxial (1 of each is front-panel)
  • digital outputs: 2 optical, 2 coaxial (1 of each is front-panel)
  • 7.1-channel preamp out/5-channel main-in
  • 7.1-channel input
  • 2 audio and 6 A/V (including 6 S-video & 1 front-panel) inputs
  • preamp-level subwoofer output
  • one set of main speaker outs
  • no phono input
  • 30 AM/FM presets
  • 17-5/16"W x 7-5/8"H x 20-7/16"D


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Jul 4, 2012
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This isn't a "make offer" forum. State your price.

I know I lowballed...cause I'm not interested...other than you putting in a price...

Per forum rules.

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