Shackleton Question for those that bought the DVD Set

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dave Scarpa, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. Dave Scarpa

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    David Scarpa
    I unfortunately did not but just got done watching it on the Tivo from A&E's P&S version. Toward the End when the crew reaches land, there seems to be a fade edit on A&E's broadcast. Now I remember in the documentary on Shackleton, after the men reach land thhey go Nuts and start savagely Beating Seals to Death for food. Shackleton is appalled but let the men do this. Was this cut for TV Broadcast? Is it inthe DVD? I wondered if the movie just skips this reference or if it was in there. It seemed pretty reveent to that point. Well maybe except for the Mistress Melodrama...
  2. Nick Cicutti

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    Dave I unfortunately can't answer that. I purchased this set yesterday and find the video quality just terrible .... Just simply couldn't sit through it! The discs don't run in "film" mode properly on either the Panny RP91 or Sony S9000ES and have all sorts of deinterlacing and EE artifacts. In video mode the picture is soft and laced with motion detection problems. Perhaps this is another disc where either the Sage or DVDo deinterlacing chipsets offer a clear advantage over the Genesis solution. I wonder if anyone else has noticed these problems? Its too bad because the story is compelling and the production is of a high caliber.
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    Whoa, that's not good news. Mine is on order and should probably arrive today or tomorrow. I have the Panasonic RP91 player.
    I was really encouraged by the review at that gave it the "Gold Seal" and raved about how excellent the video quality is, with virtually no EE.
    DVDReview on Shackleton
    Maybe it would be better to put the RP91 in interlaced mode and let my Pioneer Elite's line doubler take over?
    Please post any other observations about getting a good picture on this set.

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