Samsung HL-P5063W, looking for current owners

Discussion in 'Displays' started by KellerChris, Mar 23, 2005.

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    Ok so I was thinking about picking up the Samsung HL-P5063W 50 inch DLP TV and wanted to talk to somebody who owns the same set. Now many user reviews at CNET, Amazon and at Circuit City mention a delay in picture when using a home theater and when playing videogames.

    Now I will be using a 5.1 dolby digital system and I am a huge videogamer. I will be hooking up a xbox, GC and ps2 up component using a switch box. So basically to any owners out there, have you experienced any delay in the picture when playing videogames or when using a home theater system?

    Reportly when you hit buttons on the controller there is a slight delay until you see the action on the screen and with a theater the sound hits before you see it on the screen. The latter doesn't worry me too much because my theater setup allows me to setup a sound delay so I could put the video/audio in sync. However the videogame delay would make the set unusable for that is what I would use the TV for 80% of the time.

    Thanks for any and all help.
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    I have owned the 5063 for about 3 months. Overall, it's an awesome set. Extremely happy with my purchase. It's a terrific value for the money.

    The audio delay issue does exist, but varies in degree based on the type of video source being watched. It is most prevalent when viewing standard definition video. It is pretty much non-existent when watching high def material. Sorry I do not own a video game console, so I can't give you any feedback on that.

    I do have an HTPC hooked up to my Samsung via DVI, running at 1280x720 resolution (1:1 pixel mapping). Audio is output directly from the PC to a 5.1 surround system. I have the Samsung internal speakers disabled. I play video games through the PC, and experience no delay at all.

    I get standard definition material through a DirecTV Tivo box connected via S-Video. I route audio from the Tivo to the HTPC 5.1 speakers via the Aux-In jack on my Audigy2 card. The Audigy does a 5.1 upmix. Sounds great. I sometimes see a slight delay with lip synch, but not always.

    Regarding console video games, what I've heard is that there IS a small but distracting response time delay. Has to do with video processing inside the Samsung. The best way to resolve is get the HDTV component output adapter (I know one is available for the Xbox, not sure about the others). Makes sense to get the best image out of your Samsung anyway. Suggest you dig around this forum for additional comments on this subject.

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