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    I recently upgraded my Onkyo 989 to THX Ultra2, Dolby Proligic2, DTS 96/24. With it came a DTS Sampler DVD that included a song encoded in 96/24. The song sounded really good so I decided to gather some other DTS Audio CDs.

    Here is my first question:

    I bought a couple of DTS Audio CDs and when trying to play them all I get is Static. I checked to verify that my DVD player (Microsoft X-BoX) had both DD and DTS enabled. I then verified that my Receiver (Onkyo 989) was in Auto.

    I also tried setting my Receiver to DTS mode and still only heard noise. If I hit stop on the X-Box the noise would stop so it seems that it is getting a signal from somewhere.
    Any ideas?

    Second question:
    Is there any SACD + DVD-A Combo player that has a single optical out? Does one exist? Anyone know if one will be coming out anytime soon?

    Thanks guys for your help!

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    I'm not familiar with x-box, but do you have both digital and analog connections to your receiver? If the connection that your reciever is reading is the analog connection that could be the problem. You would need to switch the set-up on the reciever to read the digital connection.

    There are a few players out there that do both SACD and DVD-A. One of the newest that is more reasonably priced is the Pioneer Elite DV-47A. Unfortunately, you still must run 6 analog interconnects to your reciever for multi-channel recordings. I think there are a few players that allow a single cable connection for multi-channel recordings, but they are proprietary set-ups that require you to have both the player and the processor from the same manufacturer. Meridian has a few of these combos and I think McIntosh does as well, however they are very pricey. Until IEEE1394 connections become more widespread, I think we are going to be stuck with the mess of cables.
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    Try playing a regular CD and make sure that your receiver indicates that it is receiving a digital signal. What you are hearing is the DTS data stream being decoded as PCM sound, which is basically garbage. Also, try setting your receiver to DTS manually that may work. Some DTS CDs are funny. I have a Sting CD that would not work through my Technics DVD-A10 (which has built-in DTS decoding) but worked fine though my Millenium 2.4.6. Not sure how it works in my current set up. Anyway, all my other DTS CDs are fine. It could be that this particular CD is mastered funny and you have to take manual steps to get it to work correctly. BTW if you have any other CD player with a digital out try that, as DTS CDs will work on any CD player.

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