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FS: Fosgate FAP-T1+ $1295 shipped (1 Viewer)

Joe Thompson

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 16, 2002
New sealed Fosgate FAP-T1+

This is the newer plus model

Was $1295, now $1200 shipped to the 48 states

email me at [email protected] for questions


Brand New Fosgate Audionics FAPT1+ Still Factory Sealed – Never Opened
MSRP - $3300
Fosgate Audionics flagship preamp/processor unit designed for the high-end custom installation market.

Decodes Dolby Digital 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and DTS signals. Thanks to Dolby Pro Logic IIx, the FAPT1+ can deliver real 7.1-channel audio from any 2-channel source. It uses state of the art Burr Brown digital-to-analog converters for simply superb sonic quality, and offers RS232 capabilities for open communication between the processor and other components with a similar port. The FAPT1+ includes a security video input, so that a user can feed in a security camera or baby camera for easy monitoring during a movie.

Multi-source / multi-zone capablity – you can watch a DVD in the theater room and output a CD signal to a distributed audio system throughout the rest of the house at the same time. The FAPT1+ takes any composite or S-video input and upconverts it to component video, just like that. And the Dolby Virtual Headphone codec gives you a credible 5.1 experience with any headphone, so you can blow your mind without waking the neighbors.

Features an on-screen display option, its own 7” color widescreen monitor, simple up/down/left/right/enter keys, and the elite MX-500 remote.

You’ll still need outboard amplification, along with your various source inputs (DVD, cable box, TiVo, CD player, whatever).


Pre-amp surround processor units in this class require separate amplifier units
MX-500 Universal remote included
7" 16:9 wide screen LCD on front panel
On Screen Display with easy to use controls
High performance AM/FM/FM Stereo tuner with 32 presets
Audiophile quality preamplifier stages – Provide maximum performance for critical audio listening.
Dolby Digital® and Dolby Digital EX® Decoding – Dolby Digital decoding delivers 5.1 discrete channels from DVD, satellite, cable and HDTV sources, while the latest Dolby Digital EX process adds additional rear surround information for the ultimate home theater experience.
Dolby Pro Logic® II and Pro Logic IIx® – The latest surround technologies from Dolby Laboratories, designed by Jim Fosgate, deliver 5.1 or 7.1 channel sound fields from matrix-encoded or stereo recordings. Pro Logic IIx delivers a 7.1 channel listening experience from Dolby Digital, DTS® or stereo recordings.
DTS®, DTS-ES® and NEO:6 Decoding – The full suite of DTS decoding and processing is available to provide multichannel reproduction from virtually any analog source as well as DTS encoded programs.
7.1 Multichannel analog inputs – Connect 7.1-channel outputs from a DVD-A or SACD multi-channel player or other multi-channel audio formats to these inputs.
Complete Multi-room System – When properly connected, a second source may be sent to a remote room, complete with remote volume control, source selection and tuner control. A trigger for the second zone allows a second amplifier to turn on and off independently of the main room. This system may also be used to record an input source that is different from the one being used in the main room.
2 low voltage triggers – One trigger provides automatic turn on/off of compatible power amplifiers such as the Fosgate Audionics FAA 1000.5 amplifier or relay-controlled products such as projection screens, blinds and lighting systems. A separate trigger provides turn on/off control for an amplifier used with the multi-room system.

6 Digital Inputs (3 coaxial, 3 optical) – Each input is assignable, providing comprehensive connectivity.
2 Digital Outputs (1 coaxial, 1 optical) – For use with digital recorders or distribution systems.
High Bandwidth Professional Quality Component Video Switching – HDTV compatible component switching for use with digital set top boxes and progressive scan DVD players.
5 Composite and S-Video Inputs – High-quality video circuitry for connection to your video sources.
9 Analog Audio Inputs with Bypass Capability – All analog audio inputs may be switched to Bypass mode for pure analog sound, or used with the latest surround processing algorithms.
Video Output Conversion – Video inputs are automatically converted from composite to S-Video or component when using these outputs.

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