Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert on HBO

Discussion in 'Music' started by Philip Hamm, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Not sure if this should be in Music or TV programming.

    Did anyone catch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert on HBO last night? I watched some of it, and turned it off (it's on my DVR) at the beginning of the Jeff Beck segment.

    At the beginning I thought it was pretty good, but by the end of the U2 segment it just seemed formulaic and contrived. Bringing out Annie Lennox with Aretha Franklin seemed like a stretch, but when Ray Davies came out with Metallica it was just ridiculous. U2's set was good because U2 is so great, If I never see Mick Jagger with U2 again it will be too soon.

    The Dolby Digital audio on my old Dish Network standard def receiver sounded great!

    Low point of the night - Paul Simon lovingly dedicated a beautiful rendition of "Here Comes The Sun", performed with Graham Nash and David Crosby singing harmonies. After the song, Graham Nash went to the mic and hollered "THAT WAS FOR GEORGE!!!". Thanks for ruining the moment, captain obvious.

    I was wondering if anyone else saw the concert and what did you think of it?
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    Have only watched the first number, Killer doing "Great Balls Of Fire" and at age 74 kicking and then throwing the piano bench.
    No wonder I love that guy.

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