region 2 paperhouse, wow

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    Aug 12, 1999
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    Watched the laserdisc over 10 times, but this new dvd looks sooooo much better. There's virtually no edge enhancement, so the picture looks very smooth and detailed. Black level is perfect, with deep inky blacks that still have excellent shadow detail. Colors look fine as well, and no noticable print defects.
    Only problem i noticed is some shimmering of diagonal lines later in the film, really no big deal.
    I'm usually disappointed with european region 2 discs, but this one is clearly an exception. Great job columbia!
    Only thing i don't understand is why they didn't release this beautiful film in region 1.
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    Damn!! I would love to have this available in region 1 but I may have to splurge and go for this version. Good thing I still have my APEX player [​IMG]

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