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Recommendations on Projector and screen for a film series in art gallery. (1 Viewer)

Hal Masonberg

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Jan 20, 1999
los angeles
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Hal Masonberg
I have a friend who is looking to install a large screen (140 or 150 diagonal) and projector in a professional art gallery. This isn't a business with a lot of money and so I'm looking for suggestions on inexpensive screens and projectors that are still good enough to make this happen. At the moment, they're looking at the Epson 4010 refurbished and, perhaps, using an "outdoor screen." They'd prefer a motorized tensioned pull-down, but there are very few at that size and those that are there are far too expensive. Being an art gallery, there is no wall to put up a fixed screen since there is art work on every wall. Price arena is between $1000 and $1700 for a projector and under $500 for a screen. I know, you get what you pay for, but paying more just isn't an option. They are probably only going to show 1 film a month, but they'd like it to at least look decent when they do. As decent as it can in this price-range, that is. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice is most welcome and appreciated.

Josh Steinberg

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Jun 10, 2003
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Josh Steinberg
You’re on the right track!

I think Epson stuff gets you the best bang for the buck for this kind of usage. Bright, reliable machines. Large lens shift capability giving you maximum placement flexibility, useful especially in a multipurpose room where you can’t set up everything solely for movie watching. I’ve also had refurbished Epson gear before and it’s just as good as new and they still throw in great warranty coverage. In my experience you can feel good about a purchase like that long term.

For budget screens, I’ve have success with Elite. If you’re only showing a movie once a month or so, in addition to pull down screens, also take a look at Elite’s floor standing pull up screens. They don’t need to lean against walls. For that budget motorized is out, but the manual ones are easy to use. You can easily store it in a closet or even on the floor with minimal fuss, and it’s easier than wall mounting a screen. But Elite also have manual pull downs in that budget. I don’t know if they still offer this but they used to offer discounts for nonprofits and such (if it’s that kind of gallery) and extra warranty time for those institutions. If you’re thinking about buying something from them, send them an email and let them know your situation before you do. The one time I had an issue with a product (in over ten years of being a customer), they went above and beyond to make it right. So did Epson, for that matter.

Even something simple like that combination is going to wow your crowd as long as you’re putting on a high quality source. Put on a Blu-ray or 4K or HD streaming and it’ll be very pleasing. DVD will look just fine if not mind blowing.

I use similar ideas to make a home theater work in the living room of a one bedroom apartment, and a lot of our friends like our place for movies more than the theaters.

I’m not nearly as expert on sound systems but there are plenty of people on this forum who are. But theater in unconventional space? That I have a tiny bit of experience with. You’re definitely looking in the right direction.

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