1. Johnny Yak

    How Can I Listen to Music During the Game???

    I have a Denon X3800H with my TCL Roku TV connected via ARC/CEC. I wanted to play some music while I watched football over the weekend, but I couldn't get it to work. I tried to change the audio selection without touching the TV, but the ARC feed changed the audio to the football game. I...
  2. Kruse

    The Sound of Music on 4K Disc?

    Is there still nothing new about what time the Sound of Music will be released on 4K UHD bluray? I wonder why it isn’t possible to find anything at all on the internet since this year is the 55 years anniversary for the movie. Can the reason be that somebody already is aware that the movie...
  3. D

    Bluetooth and music streaming

    I have a Yamaha AV receiver that has the option to connect a Bluetooth dock. Has anyone used such as a dock to play music streaming services through their receiver? How is the music quality?
  4. D

    Onkyo SR606 playing music only which speaker input

    I have this receiver and I have two sets of speakers that are used ONLY for music that are controlled thru a speaker controller (A,B,C). The speaker controller connects to the receiver. Which of the speaker inputs: surround, surround back, front, or c enter should I connect the controller to...
  5. D

    Onkyo AVR606 setting for just music

    Hello. New here. I have an Onkyo AVR606 and I have to sets of speakers just to play music on my patio and by the pool area. I just bought some new Bose speakers and they sound "tinny". Not enough base. So I cannot figure out how to adjust sound on this AV receiver. No matter what I do...
  6. C

    Perry Mason DVD Sets - Closing Theme Music Versions?

    For those of you that own Perry Mason on DVD, could any of you please find out which season 5-9 episodes keep their respective original broadcast closings? The reason I am asking is because many of the season 5-9 episodes (especially the season 5-7 episodes - those with the split closing...
  7. T

    ABC showing of THE SOUND OF MUSIC

    WOW! The entire film shown letterboxed and what looks like a bluray transfer. Its about time.
  8. T


    WOW! SOM letterboxed for the entire movie and what looks like a bluray transfer. Its about time.
  9. John Dirk

    Your Music Choices and Why???

    Thanks Mike! This thread is my attempt to learn more about those who choose to participate. @Mike Frezon and I have been on a trail of discovery for about a year now regarding music and what we prefer to listen to. Mike can [and will] correct me if I'm wrong but I would say we've both learned...
  10. Brent Reid

    Can anyone ID this Alfred Hitchcock film music?

    I'd love to know the title of the music accompanying a version of Alfred Hitchcock's silent film The Lodger (1926). It's a well-edited needle-drop of a pre-existing recording on the "Vintage Films" sound reissue (c. 1930–1950), which now appears on many bootlegs. There are a couple of...
  11. Hal Masonberg

    Recommendations on Projector and screen for a film series in art gallery.

    I have a friend who is looking to install a large screen (140 or 150 diagonal) and projector in a professional art gallery. This isn't a business with a lot of money and so I'm looking for suggestions on inexpensive screens and projectors that are still good enough to make this happen. At the...
  12. Rob Gilmore

    Music - "The Stunt Man" and "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"

    I just watched the blu ray release of "The Stunt Man" (1980). Is it just me or is the score for that film EXTREMELY similar to the score for "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (1988) ? I'd be curious to hear opinions from others. Thanks.
  13. Robert Crawford

    Anybody going to Watch Ken Burn's Country Music?

    I lived in Nashville for five years back in the 1970s. I wasn't a fan of country music back then and it's barely tolerable to me now.
  14. Sam Posten

    Apple music web beta

    Boom, finally
  15. MielR

    Remember the 2008 Universal fire? What MUSIC was lost?

    I think many here remember the 2008 Universal "vault" fire that destroyed many films and videotapes, but apparently, a lot of music masters were also lost as well. What is most disturbing, is that UMG still doesn't seem to have a precise grasp on what was lost, or at least they're not saying, if...
  16. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Can't Stop the Music -- in Blu-ray

    There are rumors that the same casting agency that gathered the little people for The Wizard of Oz, was hired to bring together every gay, or able to play gay, actor in the continental United States, for the epic musical, Can't Stop the Music, directed by Nancy Walker. Yes, Nancy Walker. That...
  17. John*Wells

    Music Scores

    As I have been out of work due to illness this week, I have watched METV and noticed something .. The music scores used in Several shows appear to be identical .. For example, Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith and Gomer Pyle USMC. I have noticed that the Music scores that Scene Fade on are the...
  18. Todd Erwin

    Amazon Prime Music - A Treasure Trove for Movie Soundtrack Lovers

    I've been using Amazon's No-Rush shipping option lately, racking up $1 credits here and there, and found out that quite a few were about to expire, so I started searching for music to purchase on Amazon's Digital Music store. Being a Prime member, I've been aware of Amazon Prime Music, a music...
  19. B

    Yamaha Music Cast help please

    I have a rx-v683 and a wxa-50. Does anyone know if there is a method for wirelessly connecting the devices to each other and sending audio from the rx-v683 to the wxa-50 WITHOUT using the app? Thank you!
  20. bigshot

    Frank Zappa's 200 Motels

    If you're familiar with this film, you know how messed up it's been on home video... wrong aspect ratio, wrong speed, bad color, muffled sound, dialogue missing, fuzzy picture... just about everything that could go wrong with a film happened to this one. I just screened the brand new DVD...
  21. DaveF

    Free pro synth iPad app for you music dabblers and pros
  22. Traveling Matt

    Universal Launches Music Restoration Program, New Soundtrack Imprint

    Universal has embarked on a long-range plan to preserve and restore its unreleased movie music and, starting next week, release some of these scores as limited-edition soundtrack albums. The imprint will be called Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection, and its first release, to be...
  23. Thomas T

    Overtures, intermission, entr’acte, exit music on Blu-ray

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  24. Jim*Tod

    SOUND OF MUSIC 4K restoration and 70mm reissue???

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  25. EricS

    For Sale: Transparent Music Wave Super Speaker Cables & Ultralink XLR Cables

    For Sale, used Transparent & Ultralink cables, excellent condition, original owner, from a smoke free home. Prefer to keep grouped below as advertised at asking price. Perfect for a high end theater front end upgrade! *Transparent MWS10 Music Wave Super MM 10ft pair (Spade to Spade) -...
  26. rmw650

    Trying to find a few country music movies from the 1960s...can anyone help?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if you guys and gals can help a fellow board member out in attaining and searching for a few of those old country music movies from the 1960s as I'd really like to have these for my personal collection and they are as follows: 1) Country Music Caravan or Country...
  27. bigshot

    International Power To The People: British Music Videos 1966–2016

    Power To The People: British Music Videos 1966–2016 I just got this new 6 DVD set in the mail from Amazon UK, and I've only played parts of a couple of discs 4 and 5 and I'm totally blown away. "Weekender" by Flowered Up is the Citizen Kane of rock videos and the Apex Twin videos are like...
  28. Ted Todorov

    Apple Music keeps improving, but will its video catch YouTube?

    One of the reasons I chose Apple Music over Spotify is Apple Music’s support for music videos. Indeed the music video selection, especially for older ones has been continually improving, heading towards a lot of stuff from the dawn of the MTV era (“I want my MTV!” - early 1980s) For instance...
  29. L

    Foreground music good background faint

    I've got my laptop, Acer Aspire E 15, connected to my home theater. The laptop uses Windows 10. I have an Onkyo HA 200 DAC connected to the laptop by usb c. The DAC is connected to the blue ray by a new 3.5 mm to RCA cable to the aux. The music is on the laptop's sshd. The problem is I only...
  30. David Norman

    Target Buy 2, Get 1 Free 2/11 - 2/17 Movies, Books, Board Games

    Available online and in-stores. Starting Sunday *2/11 - 2/17* Buy 2 Get 1 Free (mix & match board games, movies and books) Items can be from any combination of board games, movies and books. Lowest priced item will be free. Excludes Wonder movie and books, Cards Against Humanity and Exploding...