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    I need some help choosing a receiver to run my home audio setup. I've been reading a bunch of different reviews/specs but would like to hear what some of you have to say. Here is my setup: -Living room: 2 pairs of Klipsch 8inch ceiling speakers (looking for model #) -Garage: pair of Polk RC80i -Back patio: another pair of Polk RC80i I would like to use a 4-zone speaker selector so that I can turn on/off each area. I know this isn't the best option but it's all I can work with for now.... I'm interested in being able to use Airplay, if possible. In regards to budget, I would like to stay under $400. Here are a few I've been looking at: - Denon AVR 1612 -Denon AVR 1613 - Yamaha RX-V573 - Onkyo TX-NR515 - Pioneer VSX-1022-K These are just 5 I've really looked into but I'm open to any suggestions or advice from you guys. Question: Do I need to hookup the speaker selector to a Zone 2? Do I need a zone2? I really appreciate any help or advice you guys can give me. Thanks
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    The only reason you "need" zone 2 is if you want to be able to run different things to each spot...and it depends on the type of speaker selector as well... That is a 2 source 4 zone speaker selector. So you can connect the main and zone 2 to it and pick and choose...what goes where. As far as which AVR...depends on which you find the easiest to use. Out of that bunch the Onkyo is going to handle the possibility of a low ohm load the best(even though that switch "has protection"...the Onkyo will still provide the best power at anything below 8ohm).

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