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receiver-speaker pairing

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Dong Rodriguez, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. Dong Rodriguez

    Dong Rodriguez Auditioning

    Aug 18, 2004
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    Can anybody describe to me what kind of sound will the following system delivers?

    NAD T753 with B&W DM601s3
    T753 with PSB Image 2B
    T753 with Paradigm Titans

    Which do you think is the smoothest, the most detailed, the least sibilant, the best for both movies and music, etc.

  2. PaulDA

    PaulDA Cinematographer

    Feb 9, 2004
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    St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada
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    If possible, you should listen to each of them, as they each have a different sound. Also, if you want to compare things a bit more fairly, I'd go with the Monitor series from Paradigm. IMO, they are the natural competition for the B&W and PSB series you mention in your list.

    If you're unable to listen to them before making a decision, I'll give you my impressions (as I auditioned the PSBs and B&Ws you list, as well as the Paradigm Monitor 5s).

    B&W: lots of detail, good imaging, acceptable bass extension, a bit overpronounced treble. I prefered the smoother treble sound of the CM2s by B&W, but that's a fair step up in price.

    PSB Stratus: also a lot of detail, decent bass for its size, mids were muffled, but the room in which I auditioned them was an acoustic nightmare. I might have given them a second chance but I moved my budget up a step and they were no longer in contention

    Paradigm Monitor 5s: good overall performer, nice imaging/soundstage depth, very respectable bass extension, a little overpronounced in the treble, though not as much as the B&W 600 series. These were my final choice until my budget changed.

    Keep in mind that these are MY listening impressions. I like a lot of detail, (even if means a bit of extra treble) but if at all possible, I like an uncoloured sound. Again, insofar as my hearing can tell. I ended up with Boston Acoustics VR-M60s as my mains as I found them to have the best balance of bass, detail and uncoloured sound at my budget's price point.

    Speaker choice is a highly personal thing and is the MOST important element in determining the sonic characteristic of your system (followed extremely closely by the room in which the system is placed). If at all possible, try to arrange to bring the speakers you're considering to your house. I was able to do this with several speakers and in that way, my wife also got to listen to them for extended periods. She's especially sensitive to high frequencies and several brands I brought home were too "harsh" for her. Fortunately, my favourites were also her favourites (though she wouldn't have stood in my way too much--I use them far more than she does).


    Good luck.

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