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Receiver Assistance

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by ChipD, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. ChipD

    ChipD Extra

    Nov 5, 2003
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    I am looking to buy my first home entertainment system and am looking for some assistance. I am interested in buying a receiver and speakers, and would like to keep the total price around $2000 - $3000 (so, receiver price around $500?). Please see my questions below…

    I would like to buy a solid receiver that will last me a long time. I am willing to spend more money if a receiver is worth it over the cheaper models. Since this is my first system, I want to make it a worthwhile purchase. Any suggestions? Below is a list of misc Yamaha receivers that I’ve read about (I'm open to any brand someone would recommend - is yamaha considered the best?). What are the differences between these receivers? For example, the htr-5540 is considerably cheaper than the rx-v1400. Why would I want one over the other? Htr 5650 vs. 5560? There are some many to choose from and I’m not sure where to start. Any information would be helpful.


  2. John S

    John S Producer

    Nov 4, 2003
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    The Denon 3803 for $649 as posted in another thread here, is real hard to beat. For great bargain speakers, I still like the s38II's from JBL, buy 10 and put them all the way around. Then go get the meanest sub you can find with the money left over after those two purchases.

    It will be interesting to read what others think on this.
    I tend to be bargain minded, even though I did bite the bullet so to speak and go for the Denon 4802.
  3. Richard_B

    Richard_B Stunt Coordinator

    Oct 14, 2003
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    You asked if Yamaha is considered the best. I would say that's impossible to answer. Everyone has a different opinion. Does Yamaha make some good equipment that answer is yes. There are many brands of receivers you can get into at the $500 range.

    Some answers to your Yamaha questions.
    The HTR line is the line of Yamaha you would find in major retail stores like Best Buy and Circuit City. The RX line is what you would find at a more high-end store like maybe Good Guys or Tweeters. The lower RX line is the same as the HTR line. So an HTR-5640 is the same as a RX-V440, HTR-5650=RX-V540, HTR-5660=RX-V640, and I think the HTR-5590 is very close to the RX-V1300 but has no preouts. These units are all priced pretty similar, typically the HTR line can be had a little cheaper in price. Now the RX-V1300/1400/2300/2400/3300 is considered Yamahas higher up line. They cost a little more because of that. The 1400 and 2400 are brand new and have gotten a lot of good personal reviews. These are Yamahas first to offer 7 channels. All the others listed offer 6 channels. The new units also offer the YPAO feature which is basically a microphone you place in your seating area which then the receiver sends tones out and the mic calibrates your system, I think it's pretty cool if you ask me. There are other features that the new 1400 and 2400 have as well over the other Yamahas.

    Yamaha does make some good stuff at the $500 range. The 1300/1400/2300/2400/3300 are all more expensive though, you can find deals online if you are an online shopper. Here is a pretty good deal from a place I have bought from before on the Yamaha RX-V1400
    I would suggest you get that and call it a day as it offers all the hookups and features you would probably need for a long time. It has plenty of power, and you could hook up an external amp if ever needed. If you were not an online shopper though this receiver will cost you $799 at most stores you would find it at.

    Now for other receivers. Look at Denon (AVR-1804, 2803 & 3803), HK (AVR230 & 325 & 525), Onkyo (TSX-XR601), Pioneer Elite (VSX-43TX at etronics for $484.99, great receiver), Sony (STR-DA1000ES & STR-DA4ES), there are many out there but these will get you started in the right direction. All of these are within your budget online, some of them are in your budget at the retail stores, it's up to you to decide how you want to purchase.

    On your other purchases (speakers and subwoofer) take a look at the rockets www.av123.com and SVS subwoofers www.svsubwoofers.com. Also look at Axiom speaker’s www.axiomaudio.com and HSU subwoofers www.hsuresearch.com. These companies are pretty highly regarded and are Internet only.

    Goodluck with your Home Theater.

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