Reccomendations on "Reference" quality sacd's.

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  1. Jeff Adams

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    Dec 13, 1999
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    I am still very new to sacd but have 4 titles. They are pretty good but I am still looking for some reference quality titles that will really show off what sacd has to offer. Any help? I'm going to take Keith's advice and pick up The Sopranos soundtrack.
  2. Dave Isham

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    May 16, 2000
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    Here's 4 more

    Eric Bibb - 'Good Stuff' on Opus3 classify Blues/Folk

    Keb Mo - 'The Door' classify Contemporary Blues

    Stevie Ray Vaughn - 'Couldn't Stand the Weather' Contemp Blues

    Thelonious Monk 'Straight No Chaser' classify Jazz
  3. Michael_T

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    Oct 25, 2001
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    In addition you can add:

    Anything on the Audioquest label. My suggestion would be the "Blues Sampler".

    The Mcoy Tyner, Stanley Clarke and Al Foster title on Telarc is pure DSD and very good.

    The "Stir it Up" by Monty Alexander, also pure DSD is very good (he plays jazz rendetions with a reggae flair of classic Bob Marley tunes).

    Two new discs I just picked up that are very good sonically are:

    Alison Krauss "Now That I Found You" on Rounder sounds great.

    Mary Chapin Carpenter "time*sex*love*" on Sony is one of Sony's better discs.

    Also check out James Taylor "Hourglass" - another stellar Sony SACD effort.

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