rear surround problem, please help!

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    I got a pair of speaker stands to use with my Sony HTB and in the midst of attaching my rear speakers to them, I had to disconnect my rears from the speaker wire. Tonight I went to use my setup and reconnected my speakers, I decided to check and make sure all my speakers were working by doing a test-tone and at first my rears would not work at all. I went back to each speaker and reconnected it all and tried again, it worked but now the channels are reversed. My right channel has the left channel's test tone coming out of it ( and the reciever recognizes it as the left,) and my left channel has the right channel's test tone coming out and it is recognized as the right by the recever. This problem only occurs on the rear channels, my front channels are okay. What is going on? I was thinking it could be the speaker wire, could this be the problem? someone please help. I got a bunch of new DVDs I would like to watch [​IMG] thanks.
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    Are you kidding? Reverse the connections on the back of the receiver and all will be well. Make sure you keep the polarity correct as well.

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