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    I guess on Smackdown we may see the nWo guys after Flair turns down Vince's offer, and then Vince calls out the troops.
    Austin-Y2J at No Way Out, with Austin winning to face HHH at WMX-8? [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The HHH-Steph marriage seems to only have a few more days left in it. How sad. [​IMG]
    Poor Maven ...
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    I really hope they don't bring all the NWO in at once, as they can create some engaging shows by having each member show up every few weeks. Hogan alone returning is the hugest event the WWF could possibly have, so why dilute it by having him show up with Hall and Nash? If WWF is looking for ratings, it would be wise for them to not debut the group all at once.

    The Flair/McMahon segment was one of the best I have seen on Raw. I loved that video, and I thought Flair was amazing on the mic without going crazy like he usually does.

    It was great to see Booker T get a win over Hunter, even though it didn't mean anything since they focused on Stephanie's interferance.


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