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    I am trying to find a good cable connections for my home theater (tight budget around $100 or under) (3.1, LRC & Subwoofer + dvd player w/component out + HD ready Sony Direct View TV + Onkyo NR801 receiver).

    I searched quite bit some forums and found that bluejeans cable are ones of the best bang forthe buck. But I was told in this forum that their Belden cable with Canare RCAPs connector combinations are good for digital video, but not good for analogue audio (like subwoofer cable and audio interconnect). How much does this really matter? Is this mentioned probably by comparing other high end (more expensive connectors)? If it really matters, what other connectors would you recommend (please consider my tight budget) in either bluejeans or other sites? Also, how about the connection between dvd player and the receiver? Do I have to avoid Canare RCAP connector (because it is audio interconnect) or doesn have to (because it is digital video cable)?

    I also asked bluejeans about speaker wire (they don't have it at their site) and they said that they can make 12 gage belden (don't know the number) zip speaker wire (20ft for $13, 40ft for $26). Can anyone tell me how good/bad this speaker wire would be? Also, would you recommend banana or other types for receiver and speaker connection?

    For your reference, I would run shorter connection on all components (the longest one is 3ft subwoofer cable). Thank you for your advice in advance.
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    The Blue Jeans Cables are fine for digital and audio. Canare RCAPS work about as well as any RCA connectors other than locking RCAs from companies like WBT (the locking ones won't slip/wiggle and become loose).

    I have BJC audio cable in a high end system and cannot tell the difference between them and "high end" cable that I have auditioned at home.

    BJC offers good Belden cable, quality construction, and very fast order-to-delivery time for a reasonable price. It's Easter Sunday so I don't want to start a religious argument but I have never been able to hear or prove that expensive "high end" cable is any better than BJC.

    BTW 12 gauge speaker wire sounds fine. Terminate the wire with whatever is convenient for you. I prefer spades because they make a good connection and tend not to wiggle loose like some bananas.


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