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Nov 8, 2004
I'd just like to relate a positive experience I had today with a cable vendor.

After getting some advice on this forum and also on another forum regarding the over priced, high profit margin, questionable value of Monster Cable as sold vigourously by Best Buy and Tweeter and many others. I had my Comcast cable people show up today to install my HD Comcast digital box. The installer used a component cable video, and RCA cable for the audio, but he informed me I could do better by buying a DVI-D to HDMI cable to move digital signal between the Comcast box and my new Sony LCD. He told me it would be expensive, but worth it.

Sooo... I know they wanted $130 at Tweeter for that cable. But, I was told to look into BlueJeanCable.com for quality cables and reasonable prices. So I got on the Bluejeans web site and they had the cable at $86.50. Ir was 15 feet long and I really don't need 15 feet, 10 would be more than enough. So, as I payed for it via Paypal, I put a little note in the area allowed for special instructions saying I didn't need the extra length and if the had anything shorter/less expensive, that I would take it.

I get a e-mail back within an hour from Kurt, stating "we've just started stocking 10 footers and we're having a pice decrease as well. I'm shipping your cable today and refunding you 46.50." "Thanks for your business."

I'm a happy customer.

Just my opinion, but I think they are a EXCELLENT alternative to you know who.. and all of the other "snake oil" vendors out there.

Kevin C Brown

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Aug 3, 2000
Blue Jeans rocks. I use their stuff for all of my cables. Someday I have to bug them if they'll ever do AC cords. ;)

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